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The Story About Steiger Craft

The Story About Steiger Craft

Steiger Craft is a long-lasting staple of the eastern seaboard. For more than 40 years, Al Steiger has been creating pontoons from his manufacturing plant on Long Island, NY in light of rock solid work. Initially intended for business crabbing, clamming, angling and towing purposes, his pontoons have been used by the business swarm, as well as the Navy, USCG, and Sea Tow also. Constructed completely of fiberglass – including the stringers and floors – each Steiger Craft offers a steady stage, a smooth ride and genuine float. Realizing that angling happens year-round in a wide range of climate, Steiger Craft's outline incorporates pilot houses to make them an agreeable four-season angling pontoon and uncommon consideration paid to the deck/storage rooms to guarantee proficiency and wellbeing for it's clients – each instrument, bar, and fish will have a place.

Islands Marine Center is pleased to be a merchant for an organization with such pride and thought in their item. With models going in measure from 21-31 feet, Steiger Craft's size and direct value go set it apart from other angling water crafts available today. Steiger Craft creates around 100 pontoons every year – all parts made nearby. Starting in 1990, Steiger Craft has offered a business lifetime guarantee with each vessel and still can't seem to have a structure disappointment. These water crafts are worked to last. As Mr. Steiger says, "You purchase a pontoon from us, it will last whatever is left of your life… You may need to supplant pumps and engines and gadgets, however the vessel will keep going forever."

Steiger Craft is in excess of a vessel, it's an instrument and an angling weapon! Come see what the east drift has known for more than 40 years, take an ocean preliminary in a Steiger Craft today at IMC!

The Story About Steiger Craft

Steiger Craft Materials

Steiger Craft is a developer of fiberglass angling vessels for recreational and business clients. Highlighting vessels from 16 to 26 feet long, Steiger Craft have a notoriety for being as a rule enduring pontoons. Separating themselves as an angling pontoon manufacturer, Steiger Craft vessels offer specially designed apparatuses and utilize no inside covering. A marine organization set up in 1972, Steiger Craft has delivered more than 4,000 watercraft over a 40-year time traverse.

Steiger Craft assembles one intense vessel with all composite frame outlines intended to angle the Northeast! They are semi-exceptionally created on Long Island, NY with the proprietor of the organization having close communication with the outline and construct procedure of each frame. They just form around 100 water crafts for each year taking incredible pride in quality. Structures are accessible in the prevalent Pilot House Models or Center Consoles extending from 19' to 31' .

The Story About Steiger Craft

Steiger Craft water crafts have a to a great degree faithful after and a sitting tight rundown for orders, not simply with Tri-State fishermen, but rather with people here and there the East Coast from Maine to Miami. Steiger Craft fabricates 100 to 120 vessels for every year in a semi-custom creation organize, where planned watercraft proprietors have huge contribution on how their pontoons will be prepared as they are being assembled. Steiger vessels can ordinarily deal with the harsh stuff, and I have spent numerous a throughout the day trip with one under my deck shoes, managing a group out to the seaward angling grounds and back.

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