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How To Make Cute Ladybug Craft

How To Make Cute Ladybug Craft


Do your children love ladybugs? When I was a child each sort of bug gave me a dread aside from ladybugs. I would squirm and be obsessed with any sort of creepy crawly or bug arriving on me or flying around me however when a ladybug was close, I was excited and prepared to investigate it and never shied far from lifting one up or adoring when they would arrive on my hand. In the event that you have ladybug fans in your home, they will revere influencing this straightforward paper ladybug to craft.

The unique finger impression spots on the ladybug wings gives this fun spring craft an individual touch. Children will likewise revere how we made the wings fly off the page as though the ladybugs are in flight. With just a couple of provisions and a morning or evening of crafting fun, you will have this dear paper ladybug craft completed in a matter of moments by any means.

Step by step instructions to MAKE A PAPER LADYBUG CRAFT 

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How To Make Cute Ladybug Craft
How To Make Cute Ladybug Craft


  • light blue cardstock 
  • light green cardstock 
  • red cardstock 
  • dark cardstock 
  • dark paint 
  • little googly eyes* 
  • green marker 
  • 3-inch circle punch (discretionary) 
  • 2-inch circle punch (discretionary) 
  • scissors 
  • stick 

*We got our googly eyes from our companions at Oriental Trading. Any conclusions said are 100% my own. - How To Make Cute Ladybug Craft


  1. Cut out four, 3-inch hovers from your red cardstock paper. Include a little measure of dark paint onto a little dish or paper plate. Touch your finger into the dark paint and print it onto a red hover to make ladybug spots. Include the same number of or as meager specks as you'd like. Add dabs to each of the four red circles. Put them aside to enable the paint to dry. 
  2. Cut out four 3-inch circles and four 2-inch hovers from your dark cardstock. Paste the littler circles onto the bigger circles to frame ladybug bodies. 
  3. Cut two major lets well enough alone for your light green cardstock. We thought that it was least demanding to slice our green cardstock down the middle and afterward cut a leaf out of every half sheet of paper. Paste the leaves onto your light blue cardstock. At that point utilize a green marker to include a line down the center of each leaf. 
  4. Paste the four ladybug bodies onto the leaves of your paper. At that point stick googly eyes onto the substance of the ladybugs. 
  5. Cut four little strips from your dark cardstock. Twist the strips into a reception apparatuses leaving a level base amidst the radio wires. Add some paste to that level base amidst the reception apparatuses and stick it onto the substance of the ladybug behind the googly eyes. 
  6. Once your dark paint spots have wrapped up, it's an ideal opportunity to make the wings for your paper ladybug craft. Cut the red hover down the middle. Curve down a little area at the highest point of the half circle, add paste to it and paste it down over the ladybug body. Rehash with the other portion of the circle. At that point do this with the staying three red circles. 


Leaving the back portion of the ladybug wings weakened from the paper gives the ladybugs a fun 3D impact looking as though the bugs are preparing to land or take off of the takes off. For extra subtle elements, you can utilize a dark marker to add legs to the greater part of your ladybugs.

All right dear. While this was all that we can pass on our articles How To Make Cute Ladybug Craft this time. Thank you for reading.

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