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Information About War Eagle Craft Fair 2017

Information About War Eagle Craft Fair 2017

Welcome to War Eagle Fair 


The War Eagle Fair started in 1954. It was begun as a path for crafters from over the Ozarks locale to show their works. It will proceed with today more than 60 years after the fact with a similar thought.

A Short History of the War Eagle Fair 

The War Eagle Fair has a rich history, loaded with stories that are simply asking to be told. Consequently, the historical backdrop of the Fair should be told over numerous posts. That, all things considered, is a piece of the reason for this blog. We need to share something beyond an ad spot with you about the Fair. Be that as it may, before we begin our outing through a world of fond memories, I figured it was great to complete a short form of the Fair's history.

The War Eagle Fair was established in 1954. It was the brainchild of Blanche Elliott. Following an effective seven day stretch of a weaving course facilitated in War Eagle by the Northwest Arkansas Handweavers Guild, which finished with a display of things made amid the course, Mrs. Elliott was enlivened to assemble an expression and crafts fair with the lovely War Eagle River valley as the background. Fall was picked with a specific end goal to grandstand the brilliant magnificence of the Ozarks foliage and additionally the conventional expressions and crafts.

The principal War Eagle Fair, gone to by 2,259 individuals as per the sign-in books, was held in the front rooms of a couple of neighborhood women. The general population who went to that first fair went down unpaved streets, flanked by brilliant lines of trees, to perceive what the craftsmen and crafters had brought. In plain view and available to be purchased were items extending from hand-woven floor coverings, cowhide craft, and stoneware to bushels, coverlets and gems. It rapidly ended up clear that there was quite unrecognized craftsman ability in the Ozarks.

Principles expecting things to be carefully assembled and exhibitors to come shape the Ozarks zone, among others, were established with that first Fair. Throughout the years, as circumstances are different, a few guidelines have been changed. In any case, the high quality administer is as yet the main run for taking an interest in the War Eagle Fair. This devotion to convention and quality is the thing that has set the War Eagle Fair separated from others throughout the years.

In 1957, the Fair had turned out to be such a win, to the point that an association was begun to regulate the running of the Fair. The Ozark Arts and Crafts Fair Association, a non-benefit association, was started and has been in charge of keeping the Fair going in the years from that point forward. The Ozark Arts and Crafts Fair Association is guided by a governing body and is self-supporting. The Fair gets no stipends or outside financing. As a non-benefit association, all cash made is returned to running the Fair. At the point when there is additional, grants are financed at nearby colleges.

Along these lines, there you have a short form of how the War Eagle Fair became. In future posts, I will share more tales about different features of the Fair's history, for example, different occasions facilitated by the Ozark Arts and Crafts Fair Association, fascinating individuals from the Fair's past, and diverting tales. -Information About War Eagle Craft Fair 2017

Getting to the War Eagle Fair 

War Eagle is settled in a wonderful stream valley between the moving slopes in Northwest Arkansas. The trip is a picturesque one paying little heed to what season you choose to make it. In any case, on the off chance that you are not a nearby, or regardless of whether you are a neighborhood yet not comfortable with the more country zones of Northwest Arkansas, discovering War Eagle can appear to be testing.

Here are some essential bearings from a couple of various headings. (For more particular headings, we suggest that you utilize Google Maps or Mapquest. You can put in 11037 High Sky Inn Rd, Hindsville, AR in as the physical address.)

From Rogers/Bentonville:

  • Roadway 12 East out of Rogers
  • Proceed on Hwy 12E for roughly 12 miles
  • Take a right hand turn on War Eagle Road/County Road 98
  • Proceed on War Eagle Road for roughly 1.5 miles
  • Cross the old, one-path, press connects
  • The War Eagle Fair and stopping are situated on the West side of the stream. Our stopping orderlies will guide you upon entry.
  • From Springdale/Fayetteville:
  • Parkway 412 East out of Springdale
  • Proceed on Hwy 412E for roughly 11 miles
  • Go left on Hwy 303 North
  • Proceed on Hwy 303N (turns out to be a High Sky Inn Road at the Benton County line) for around 7 miles

The War Eagle Fair and stopping will be situated to your right side as you come into the War Eagle River Valley. Our stopping chaperones will guide you upon entry.

From Eureka Springs:

  • Thruway 23 South out of Eureka Springs
  • Proceed on Hwy 23S for roughly 10 miles
  • Take a right hand turn on Hwy 12W towards Rogers
  • Proceed on Hwy 12W for roughly 1 mile
  • Take a right hand turn on Hwy 127W
  • Proceed on Hwy 127W for roughly 8.5 miles
  • Take a right hand turn on Hwy 12W
  • Proceed on Hwy 12W for roughly 2.5 miles
  • Take a left hand turn on War Eagle Road/County Road 98
  • Proceed on War Eagle Road for roughly 1.5 miles
  • Cross the old, one-path, press connects

The War Eagle Fair and stopping are situated on the West side of the stream. Our stopping orderlies will guide you upon landing.


With in excess of the 250 corners of all handcrafted items shown by their makers, the War Eagle Fair happens along the banks of the War Eagle River. A lovely Fall setting of changing leaves influences the ideal end of the week to escape involvement of you and your family. - Information About War Eagle Craft Fair 2017

How would I turn into an exhibitor at the War Eagle Fair? 

We get this inquiry a ton. Ideally, this post will give a couple of supportive tips.

Turning into an exhibitor at the War Eagle Fair begins by presenting a screening application (click here to download). The screening application is your opportunity to overwhelm our jury individuals with your one of a kind, high caliber, carefully assembled things. It's an essential prologue to you, with data about you, your craft, and your experience.

When you have your screening application rounded out, the following stage is to choose the photos you wish to submit with your screening application. We request four to six pictures. Included among these photos, we have to see your things. Make a point to demonstrate us great pictures that mirror your thing as decidedly as could be expected under the circumstances. We likewise request to see the procedure you experience to make your things. The procedure pictures are a vital piece of the screening procedure, however have a tendency to be the most overlooked. (It's essential to incorporate both process and completed item pictures with your screening application. Without these, your screening application will be deficient and can't be explored by the jury.) The third sort of picture to be incorporated ought to be one of your stalls set up. In the event that you have never taken an interest in any other show, simply demonstrate that on your application. We have had a few exhibitors throughout the years who had never taken part in any other shows before their acknowledgment to the War Eagle Fair. -

Since you've rounded out your screening application and chose your photos, you'll have to mail your finished screening application alongside your photos to us at the postal information demonstrated on the shape. Every year we get various telephone calls and messages getting some information about screening application status just to find that the craftsman or crafter has presented their screening application to the wrong address. There is no application expense, so kindly don't send any type of installment with your screening application. Kindly don't send your screening application by means of insured mail. Things gotten by insured mail require a mark, and we much of the time, check our PO box nightfall, so these make a deferral in handling your application. You may incorporate an example of your thing with your screening application. Numerous individuals do this. On the off chance that you send an example that you wish to have returned, incorporate the arrival postage required. The tests got without return postage won't be returned.

When we got your screening application, it will be evaluated by our jury. The jury screens all applications and settles on choices on them consistently. You will be informed once a choice has been made with respect to your application. You may choose to get your notice by means of email or by means of standard mail. Screening application handling can take four to a month and a half from the time we get them. (Preparing may take longer amid the winter occasions, so please try to remain persistent with us.)

Every year, we get many more applications than can be obliged; in any case, we do have a few new exhibitors every year. These specialists and crafters are among the best and the most one of a kind in their fields. We are additionally exceptionally cautious to keep our contributions relative. On the off chance that you are prepared to go along with us, get your screening application in right on time. We anticipate seeing what you bring to the table! - Information About War Eagle Craft Fair 2017

2017 War Eagle Mill Fall Crafts Fair Rogers, AR 

Depiction of Event: 

Since 1954, Professional craft people have offered unique, carefully assembled work, for example, nation enlivening things, society craftsmanship, watercolor and oil painting, ceramics, stoneware, wreaths, blends, dried courses of action, quilts, miniatures, nation apparel, wearable workmanship, candles, hand crafted cleansers, nation furniture, antique broken china adornments, white oak bins, perch rooms and feeders, collectables and substantially more. These juried members originate from over the United States and anticipate meeting you. The War Eagle Show is said to be the core of the nation "look" before nation ended up elegant. War Eagle Mill sellers are on the Mill parking area grounds. The Sharp Show is on the fields adjoining the Mill and over the scaffold is the War Eagle Fair Show.

Delight in the sights, sounds and smells of the Ozarkæs while getting a charge out of handcrafted work from national craftsmen. On the War Eagle Mill grounds, proficient craft people will offer unique, high quality work, for example, nation enlivening things, society workmanship, watercolor and oil painting, ceramics, stoneware, wreaths, blends, dried courses of action, quilts, miniatures, nation attire, wearable craftsmanship, candles, natively constructed cleansers, nation decorations, antique broken china adornments, perch rooms and feeders, collectables and substantially more. Hours: Thu-Sat 8am-5:30pm; Sun 8am-4:30pm - Information About War Eagle Craft Fair 2017


War Eagle Mills Farm
11045 War Eagle Road
Hindsville, AR 72738

Additional Features:
Commercial Vendors, Crafts, Designated Parking, Entertainment Children's, Food, Handicapped Access, Music

Thurs.-Sat. 8am-5:30pm, Sun 8am-4:30pm


Phone Number:
(479) 789-5343

Alt. Phone Number:
(866) 492-7324

Fax Number:
(479) 789-2972

War Eagle 2017 Bridge revives to service after redesigns 

The War Eagle Bridge authoritatively revives Wednesday (Oct 4) with a lace cutting service following quite a while of remodels.

Benton County, ARDot and neighborhood, authorities with occupants will hold the lace cutting function at 11 a.m. At the War Eagle Craft Fair expands on High Sky Inn Rd. The function is commending the diligent work put into the reclamation venture of the scaffold.

Inhabitants have been driving on the scaffold for two weeks when ARDot opened the extension on Sept 20 after the repair work was finished early. Development of the War Eagle Bridge started back in May. - Information About War Eagle Craft Fair 2017

The undertaking fortified the multi year-old iron scaffold and now takes into consideration bigger vehicles to traverse it.

Staff at the War Eagle Mill say they have seen an expansion in rush hour gridlock as of now over the extension.

"We had Bikes, Blues and BBQ a week ago, that was astounding. They got the chance to roll over the scaffold. Furthermore, that is the primary point of convergence of coming to War Eagle Mill amid the rally, is the scaffold," says War Eagle Mill director Jessica Dunham. "The Bridge, War Eagle Mill, we're only a staple of Northwest Arkansas. What number of individuals can go to an undershot water wheel process where despite everything it produces corn regular?"

All right, Guys. I guess its enough right now. I hope you enjoy this article Information About War Eagle Craft Fair 2017. And thank you for reading. Please Subscribe if you dont want miss the update of information on arts and crafts in our blog.

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