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Letter E Crafts for Kindergarten

Letter E Crafts for Kindergarten

Letter E Crafts – Cute and Fun! 

Here is another vowel that preschool and kindergarten children need to learn after the Letter A. Doing the Letter E with some crafts will make the learning more fun without leaving the educational side of learning. It will be a great method to introduce the letters and letter sounds. Today I have a few Letter E crafts for you that are easy and enjoyable to make. I additionally have a few great books that are amusing to read when teaching the letter E sound. Have fun!

Letter E Crafts for Kindergarten

1. Letter E Craft: Paper Bag Elephant Puppet 

One of the most critical things preschool and kindergarten kids learn is the alphabet, including letter names and letter sounds. Children can't learn to read without the help of the alphabet. When you're completing a letter of the week examine on the letter E, indicate kids how letters are used in real life by influencing these Letter E to create is for elephant paper pack puppets. Preschool and kindergarten children will be delighted at these puppets and will be significantly more interested in learning about the letter E after making this fun specialty. The effortlessness of this Letter E make means there is less prep for teachers, and children will love the way a great part of the specialty they can manage without grown-up help. There are great books to teach the letter E to kids. Books about Elephants, Ear, Eggs, Engine, and Emu will make great subjects.

What you'll need to make the E is for elephant paper sack create for each child :

  • 1 dark colored paper sack 
  • 1 sheet of dark colored paper 
  • Pink marker 
  • Scissors 
  • Glue stick 
  • 2 googly eyes 
  • Paper Bag Elephant Craft 

Before beginning this project, you'll need to remove the elephant's ears and trunk. Draw the outline of elephant ears and a trunk onto a dark colored piece of paper and cut them out. Make one set of ears and a trunk for each kid.

Give the rest of the supplies to the children.

Demonstrate to them how a paper sack can change into a puppet. Teach the children to shade the inside of the ears pink and draw a little pink tongue inside the fold of the paper pack.

Glue the storage compartment and the ears to the base of the sack. Glue two eyes on the front of the pack to complete the elephant.

Demonstrate to the children industry standards to stick their hands inside the puppet to make the elephant talk. The children can use their elephant puppets to state what the letter E says, and to locate any hidden letter E's in their classroom.

Would you like Free Letter E beginning sound worksheets to oblige your art? Enter your name/email for free Letter E beginning sound worksheets to help you teach the letter E! - Letter E Crafts for Kindergarten

2. E is for Elmo Letter Craft 

We don't watch Sesame Street over here, however, we were inspired by the well known little red monster for our latest alphabet creates - E is for Elmo!

Letter E Alphabet Craft

What you need:

  • Letter E template 
  • Orange circle 
  • Two white circles 
  • Dark half-circle 
  • Fork 
  • Red paint 

E is for Elmo 

  • Make the well known Sesame Street character by painting the letter E red utilizing a fork to make Elmo's textured body. 
  • Once that is dry, make a little dark circle in each white circle- - these will be Elmos' eyes. 
  • Glue the eyes to the highest point of the E. 
  • Next, include Elmo's orange nose and mouth. 
  • It turned out to be such a cute alphabet create for the Letter E! 

3. E Is For Egg – Totally Tots 

It's time for some fun alphabet crafts!! We hope you enjoy these! In the event that you are new, you can visit our ABC webpage to discover connects to some other letters we have done, letters (with books listed) coming up, and in addition all the fun sly letters we have been chipping away at. Be sure to check it out! - Letter E Crafts for Kindergarten

4. Letter E For Elephant – Confessions Of A Homeschooler 

Of course we are making our lowercase alphabet binder sheets this year. E for elephant, approve a silly elephant, yet at the same time… it works!

5. Preschool Alphabet Book: Uppercase Letter E 

Moving appropriate along with our alphabet book, the uppercase letter E was a fun one to create.

With its long trunk and floppy ear, this adorable little elephant create is a super simple one to make and the perfect specialty to begin honing your youngster's scissor abilities with in the event that you haven't already.

Whether you let them cut the pieces themselves or give them a little piece of help, this elephant make is perfect for learning about the letter E or even to throw in a zoo creature theme unit! - Letter E Crafts for Kindergarten

6. E is for Egg Craft – Spell Out Loud 

We've been reading loads of books on eggs while learning about the letter E! Our favorite books were An Extraordinary Egg, and Guess What's Growing Inside the Egg. We decided to complete a specialty that combined the egg theme and the letter E.

7. E is for Elmer the Elephant – Ducks in a Row 


Sharing is minding!

Elmer the Elephant, Elmer the Patchwork Elephant, Letter E for preschool

This art was a piece of my preschool lesson "E is for Elephant." I surfed the internet and found a wonderful shading page on Lines Across. It was shaded by numbers. I loved it, however my preschoolers are just barely learning to recognize numbers. It may have been disappointing rather than fun. In this way, I opted for the page without numbers.

A decent friend of mine is a Kindergarten teacher. She shared that numerous preschoolers enter her class unable to use scissors. It takes weeks for her to get them up to where they ought to be. Despite the fact that my class has just met once every week (I teach homeschoolers), I made up my mind that they would leave with that aptitude under their belt. Thus, nearly every time we are together we use SCISSORS! That is the reason I decided to cultivate paper cutting and sticking aptitudes in this earth, instead of shutting it.

Well, to my surprise, E is for Elephant became an extra special day. Several of my students were absent, sorry to learn. In any case, the smallness of the gathering changed the dynamic drastically.

When we sat down doing this specialty, this is the thing that transpired: sweet chatter. With just 5 children present, every single little young lady, it was such a comfortable gathering. My associate, Katie, and I decided to go along with them in making this specialty. After everyone got it hung, some adorable conversations occurred. They shared about what they like, what they do, where they go, fun things that happened. Then Lili started singing a melody "Yes, Jesus Loves Me" while she worked. She sang without anyone else's input for a few seconds and after that we all joined in. It was a very special time. - Letter E Crafts for Kindergarten

8. Letter E Activity: Gluing Eggshell Words – A Mom With a Lesson Plan 

Goodness. . . I love eggshells! I got a really weird look from my Hubby when I asked where the egg shells were from his fritata. It is safe to say that he is really still surprised with my material selections?

Print out the letter E, cut it out and glue it to development paper. I like the complexity of dark development paper for this one, however you can use whatever you have. Use eggshells that have been washed out, and dried (yet don't crunch them!!!)

9. Letter E is for Eyes – The Lion is a Bookworm 

Storytime: Eyes

Age: 18 three years (shading page instead of art), 3-5 years (with create)

This school year in Storytime I decided to use the alphabet to give me motivation for themes. So this week, E is for Eyes! - Letter E Crafts for Kindergarten

10. Letter E is for Electric Eels – The Princess and the Tot 

Letter Crafts - Uppercase and Lowercase

Monday is formally our first day of the new school year, and I can barely wait! This year, I will be working with Super Tot on learning his letters. We will be completing one new letter each week, and having a review week every 6 weeks.

I have constantly loved the letter crafts that I have seen on different online journals, and I knew I wanted to incorporate that concept into our lessons. Some of the crafts I have seen use the letters at different angles, which I thought may confuse Super Tot amid the time that he is at first learning them. I hope to do this type of action each year, so I know I will use those in the future. However, my creative side additionally wanted to create some new crafts that I hadn't seen before. I was unable to be unique with some of the letters, yet you may locate some new ideas and motivation here.

Super Tot will be doing these crafts as he learns the letters, however I have assembled an ABC Book for him that demonstrates my examples.

Would you like Free Letter E beginning sound worksheets to oblige your specialty? Enter your name/email for free Letter E beginning sound worksheets to help you teach the letter E! On the off chance that you have any trouble getting the freebie, please email me

All right, my dear. I guess its enough right now. I hope you enjoy this article Letter E Crafts for Kindergarten. And thank you for reading. Please Subscribe if you dont want miss the update of information on arts and crafts in our blog.

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