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3 Best Bird Craft Creativity For Kids

Bird Craft Creativity For Kids


Springtime is the ideal season for sitting outside and appreciating some bird viewing in your lawn or neighborhood. This vivid accordion overlap paper bird craft is an ideal complement to finding out about birds this spring. Subsequent to influencing their bright bird to craft, children can appreciate flying them around throughout the evening.

Bird Craft Creativity For Kids

Step by step instructions to make A COLORFUL PAPER BIRD CRAFT 

This post contains subsidiary connects to the items said. I Heart Crafty Thing is a member of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, a subsidiary promoting program intended to give away to destinations to gain publicizing charges by promoting and connecting to amazon.com. - Bird Craft Creativity For Kids


  • Bird Template <— - Purchase in our TPT Store 
  • cardstock (shade of your decision) 
  • shading paper (24lb) or development paper 
  • designed scrapbook paper* (discretionary) 
  • eye stickers 
  • scissors 
  • stapler 
  • stick 

*We got our designed scrapbook paper from our companions at OrientalTrading.com. All sentiments communicated are 100% my own.


1. Start by obtaining the bird layout in our Teachers Pay Teachers store. Print out the bird layout and cut it out. Note: If you incline toward not to buy our layout draw your own bird design like the one presented beneath.

Bird Craft Creativity For Kids

2. Overlay your cardstock paper into equal parts, the long way. Follow the bird body format on the collapsed edge of the cardstock and cut it out.

3. Somewhat crease the bird body into equal parts and utilize scissors to cut the opening appeared in the format.

Bird Craft Creativity For Kids

4. Overlap two bits of shading paper in an accordion crease. Twist one of the papers down the middle. Twist the other paper into equal parts and afterward chop it down the inside to make two pieces.

5. Push the principal accordion collapsed paper through the opening in the birds body with the twist upward. Spread the wings out.

Bird Craft Creativity For Kids

6. Staple the two tail wing segments to the finish of the bird body.

7. Cut out two triangles for a mouth and paste them together on each side of the bird confront.

Bird Craft Creativity For Kids

8. Utilize the format to remove two midsection segments and paste them on each side of the bird.

Bird Craft Creativity For Kids

9. Complete your paper bird craft by including eye stickers the substance of the bird. - Bird Craft Creativity For Kids

Bird Craft Creativity For Kids


Paper Plate Bird Craft for Kids 

This Paper Plate Bird Craft is so charming and simple. It's an extraordinary spring or Easter craft for children to make!

Spring is noticeable all around, thus my little children and preschoolers have been making bunches of Spring crafts to rush it along! Today I'm sharing the super-adorable paper plate bird craft that we made today. It's one of numerous in our A-Z paper plate crafts gathering. Did you see the Paper Plate Robins we made a year ago? Well the birds that the law breakers made today are a more brilliant and mixed rendition of those robins. - Bird Craft Creativity For Kids

Bird Craft Creativity For Kids

Frankly, we didn't really utilize paper plates for these birds since I didn't have enough plates to go around. I just cut circles (I followed a kid's plate) out of white cardboard. A grain box would to the trap as well.

Bird Craft Creativity For Kids

I need to state that I'm simply infatuated with these little birdies! What a fun burst of shading as we anticipate Spring!


Bird Craft Creativity For Kids

  • White 9″ Paper Plates – 100 Count (or cardboard circle) 
  • googly eyes 
  • Cardstock for mouth 
  • thin portions of hued development paper 
  • craft plumes (you could likewise utilize folded squares of tissue paper – see our Rockin' Robin Craft) 
  • paint 
  • stick 


We begun by collapsing our paper plates down the middle.

I set out a bed of acrylic paints in arranged hues, and the hoodlums painted their birds anyway they wished. A brisk impact with the hair dryer made them move onto the subsequent stage in a matter of seconds. I've said it previously, and I'll say it once more. In the event that you have an extra hair dryer, move it into your craft space for accelerating the drying procedure when you're crafting with your little ones.

Next, we stuck on the plumes, eyes and the mouth.

For the tail, I got a few pieces of the development paper and I collapsed them into equal parts, sort of fanning the strips out a bit, and we stapled those to the last part of the birds.

Overlay your bird back down the middle, and you're finished!

In the event that your bird won't stay collapsed, basically tape a bit of yarn or string to within, holding the two parts of the plate together, while leaving around an inch and a half hole between them.

Presently when you put your bird on a level surface, you can "ROCK" it.

How adorable and how simple was that?

Expedite SPRING!


Home and Baby Bird Craft 

Offspring of any age will appreciate one of our most loved spring crafts for kids-a sweet little home and infant bird craft! Indeed, even my baby appreciated making these charming, little infant chicks!

Our family has dependably appreciated finding out about birds. We have a wide range of birdwatching books at home to enable us to distinguish our terrace birds, and we even have our own free printable bird books to monitor birds we've spotted. - Bird Craft Creativity For Kids

Bird Craft Creativity For Kids

So I thought it'd be impeccable to complete a little bird craft with the children to help enhance for spring! Theo, my 2 1/multi year old little child, cherished participating in this craft!

Materials for Bird Craft

  • Development paper in an assortment of hues 
  • Scissors 
  • Fluid paste 
  • Googly eyes 
  • Plumes 
  • Dark colored yarn cut into little pieces 

Kindergarten Teacher Laura (who has an astonishing TPT Store and furthermore writes at Kindergarten Adventures) has generous made this free format for the paper pieces (settle, bird, snouts) to assist those preparing for expansive gatherings. A HUGE thank you to her!

Bearings for Bird Craft

  1. Begin by making your birds. Cut out two circles for your bird-one for the head and one for the body. (I utilized our Fiskars Squeeze Punch to do this. One of my most loved crafting devices!) 
  2. Paste the two circles together. 
  3. Include some googly eyes and an orange snout. 
  4. Paste a few quills on your bird. 
  5. Take after bearings 1-4 for your second bird. 
  6. Put your birds aside to dry and influence your bird to settle. 
  7. Cut out a home shape from some darker development paper. Paste pieces of dark colored yarn onto your home. (This was Theo's most loved part. He even made an association with the craft! He kept running off to his room and snatched his ABC book, Alphablock, swung to the letter 'n' page, and indicated the home on the page!) 
  8. Paste your birds onto the home. 
  9. Hang up your completed craft for spring! (Didn't Theo's bird craft turn out so charming!) 


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