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Best Craft Beer San Diego

Best Craft Beer San Diego

San Diego's Best Craft Beer Bars 

The San Diego craft beer scene has been crazy throughout recent years. With an ever-increasing number of astounding miniaturized scale, bottling works flying up every year, discovering areas that serve an assortment of these alternatives is each craft beer fan's fantasy.

In case you're attempting to experience each bottling works in San Diego County without heading to 240 tasting rooms (and checking), finding a nearby joint with a mind-blowing tap rundown and some scrumptious chomps is the following best thing.


San Diego adores its craft beer - and elsewhere in the world, water is wet. Our reasonable city is home to no less than 153 operational blend houses by West Coaster's tally, and by far most of those are in reality entirely great. It appears as though you can't stroll into a plunge bar in any piece of the city without seeing a 20+ tap list and having the barkeep enlighten you regarding the astonishing new goes or Tripel they simply attempted.

Among those great bottling works, however, exists an extensive variety of distillery composes, from universal symbols the distance down to little, Norse-fixated modern activities. Indeed, the plenty of alternatives can be somewhat overpowering in case you're not personally comfortable with the scene - which is for what reason we're taking out that mystery through and through. Here are our most loved San Diego bottling works at the present time, from the notable to the concealed diamonds, to enable you to design out your next 16 ounces. - Best Craft Beer San Diego


10320 Camino Santa Fe ste C, San Diego, CA 92121, USA

Longship Brewery is styled as a tribute to proprietor Dan Jachimowicz's fixation on Viking victors, and like the Norse warriors who attacked and vanquished remote societies, Longship's mixes mix different impacts from American-style combination beers to conventional German beers. There's additionally a serious random data night on Tuesdays, in case you're planning to kill some time after work.

Key beers: Ragnabock, Loki's Wit


The moderately new Viewpoint Brewing doesn't yet have the honors a significant number of the more settled bottling works on this rundown have. What it has, be that as it may, is a top-notch see/air; ignoring the San Dieguito Lagoon, there may be no distillery with a superior within San Diego, and its outside yard is in every case enthusiastic. Besides, there's some really debauched sustenance on the menu (like hamburger tartare and bone marrow), and in addition a continually pivoting tap list that revels head brewer Moe Katomski's test side.

Key beers: Mandarina Pale Ale, Moe'saic Pale Ale


6350 Yarrow Dr suite c, Carlsbad, CA 92011, USA

Blossom's another generally new bottling works that, much like Viewpoint, is building a sprouting notoriety and highlights shocking landscape. Expand is spearheading Carlsbad's developing fermenting scene, and there's not really multi-day that passes by when it won't be loaded up with experts relaxing in the tasting room embellished with rich verdure. Their Noble Miner, which won gold for session beers at the 2017 California State Fair, is as flawless of a session lager as you will ever have. - Best Craft Beer San Diego

Key beers: Treevana, Canopy Tour, Keep it, Simcoe


Homebrewing expert Kelsey McNair's pet undertaking was conceived in 2016 following a three-year pause, yet that expectation turned out to be justified, despite all the trouble. Found right in the core of North Park, the 9,000 sq. ft. aa tasting room is tremendous and resplendently brightened, and offers the ideal region for anybody hoping to get a half quart before a night on the town. Protip: McNair's notable Hop-Fu! IPA is the absolute most honor winning homebrew ever and is dependably a sure thing at the bottling works.

Key beers: Hop-Fu!, Covington Cream Ale


9030 Kenamar Dr #308, San Diego, CA 92121, USA

Unadulterated Project's whole oeuvre is one of a kind. It was begun to some extent by a Californian couple who came back to the Golden State in the wake of investing a long time in the Costa Rican wilderness and wanted to pervade the soul of the nation into a bottling works; therefore, a large number of the beers include flower and tropical notes like hibiscus you probably won't hope to discover ordinarily. Notwithstanding, that doesn't mean Pure Project's prosperity depends on contrivances: before completing its first year of tasks, Pure Project had brought home a bronze award from the Great American Beer Festival for its Roses Red beer. - Best Craft Beer San Diego

Key beers: La strive en Rose, Murkeley, Roses Red


Intergalactic Brewing's story is one of tremendous strength, as proprietor Alex Van Horne needed to roll out some exceptional improvements to the business a year ago to help keep it running. That money related vulnerability has never influenced the nature of the beer created by the science fiction propelled bottling works, however - the distillery broadly asserted four gold decorations at the Los Angeles International Commercial Beer Competition. With beer names that draw motivation from Star Wars and Star Trek and a menu that traverses the cosmic system from coconut watchmen to Maerzans to Belgian pale brews, you're ensured to discover a beer you like.

Key beers: Alpha Mensae, Space Oasis, Planet Invader


Burping Beaver has made waves in the San Diego beer scene since its begin in 2012, and has discovered gigantic achievement; the bottling works presently ships to eight states outside California and has five areas in the city. While the names of the mixes delivered by Belching Beaver may appear a bit brash (their "Me So Honey" Wheat Ale, for instance), their craftsmanship is definitely not. Head brewer Thomas Peters has won the prestigious Alpha King grant twice in his vocation (most as of late in 2017), and apparently can't turn out badly with regards to experimenting with inventive flavors.

Key beers: Peanut Butter Milk Stout, Hop Highway, Me So Honey


Having brought home the Champion Brewery grant at the last two San Diego International Beer Festivals, AleSmith obviously needn't bother with any more acknowledgment in this town. All things considered, in case you're perusing this and you're some way or another new to this distillery, go out to its sprawling, best in class central station and acclimate. AleSmith's contributions are fantastically all around adjusted and generally amazing, from its IPAs to its Anvil ESB, however, none is as incredible as the Speedway Stout and the greater part of its varietals, which has accomplished relatively mythic status in the national beer scene.

Key beers: Speedway Stout, AleSmith IPA, AleSmith Wee Heavy


San Diego is sprawling and as enticing as it is for an easygoing beer fan to not wander past the bottling works in the more focal areas of the urban areas, at times you have to make a climb, in particular to Alpine Beer Company. In case you're the sort to place stock in beer rankings (and truly, is there any good reason why you wouldn't?), here's the place we reveal to you that RateBeer recorded Alpine as the 6th best distillery on the planet in 2015, and BeerAdvocate records the bottling works' Keene Idea Double IPA as one of the 120 best beers on the planet. - Best Craft Beer San Diego

Key beers: Duet, Nelson, Pure Hoppiness


Societe Brewing Company doesn't have the decades-long history of an Alpine or an AleSmith, however, it has had a brilliant ascent to unmistakable quality around the local area since opening its entryways in 2012, winning West Coaster's Best Brewery grant in 2014 and 2016. The brainchild of brewmaster Travis Smith and bottling works guardian Douglas Constantiner, Societe makes a gathering of the best damn IPAs you'll ever have, most strikingly The Pupil - another of Beer Advocate's best beers - and The Coachman, the 2015 gold decoration champ at the Great American Beer Festival for session IPAs.

Key beers: The Pupil, The Apprentice, The Butcher


Pizza Port is as San Diegan as a sunburn in January or being totally unequipped for proceeding onto a road at a satisfactory speed. Since its establishment in 1987, it's extended to incorporate five areas and has birthed two branch distilleries (Lost Abbey and Port Brewing Company), yet the first is as yet ruler in our eyes. Pizza Port has gathered more than 90 awards at the Great American Beer Festival and has a completely staggering scope of mixes that turn through its five areas. Attempt the Kook or the Swami's IPA, two of the many staple beers of the Pizza Port realm.

Key beers: Swami's IPA, Ponto Session IPA, Kook


The magnificence of Karl Strauss is that it blends a huge number of various beer composes, all uncommonly well, the most surely understood of which is the incomparable Red Trolley Ale. Karl's interpretation of an Irish Red, Red Trolley, has won a large number of gold awards at the World Beer Cup and the Great American Beer Festival, and it rose to universal fame when the city was principally known for its to a great degree hoppy IPAs. Red Trolley aside, however, Karl additionally makes grant winning mixes over the range including its Mosaic Session IPA and its Windansea Wheat. - Best Craft Beer San Diego

Key beers: Mosaic Session IPA, Wreck Alley, Big Barrel Double IPA


Established by Greg Koch and Steve Wagner, Stone made its name by being strikingly unashamed, and no beer typifies that more than its lead Arrogant Bastard Ale: a beer so famous it birthed its own particular separate preparing organization, Arrogant Brewing. Stone never moved in an opposite direction from its beliefs, and the outcomes represent themselves: It's been voted as RateBeer's "Best California Brewery" and "Best Place to Grab a Beer," and its Russian Imperial Stout is looked for after over the globe.

Key Beers: Enjoy by IPA, Russian Imperial Stout, Stone Xocoveza


Of all the staple beers made by San Diego bottling works - the Red Trolley Ales, the Speedway Stouts, the Arrogant Bastard Ales - none are as broadly omnipresent and consistently flavorful as Ballast Point's Sculpin IPA. But, while Sculpin reliably positions among the best beers in the nation, the bottling works hasn't refreshed on its shrubs: Of its three current areas, Ballast Point utilizes its spot in Little Italy only for experimentation with expectations of making San Diego's next really notable beer.

Key beers: Sculpin IPA, Victory at Sea, Dorado Double IPA


San Marcos, California, United States


Lost Abbey was brought forth in 2006 when, as we disclosed to you before, Tomme Arthur left Pizza Port to begin Port Brewing and The Lost Abbey. Port Brewing held its West Coast beer style, however, The Lost Abbey approached fermenting a Belgian-motivated line of beers, and we're all is better for it. No other bottling works on this rundown offers the kind of forte beers that The Lost Abbey does, and on the off chance that you need to attempt a standout amongst the most unique blends in the city, go for the Duck Gooze - or, in case you're not one for acrid beers, go for the Lost and Found Dubbel.

Key beers: Duck Gooze, Deliverance, Framboise de Amorosa


Though huge numbers of the city's best distilleries left the mechanical sprawl that is Miramar, Ron and Rick Chapman picked the place where they grew up of Coronado to put down roots in 1996. Twenty or more years after the fact, regardless they're remaining consistent with their statement of purpose of remaining seaside by preparing beers motivated by shorelines over the globe, with citrus and tropical notes like orange and guava to coordinate. Coronado's been on an outright tear recently, winning (among different honors) the Champion Mid-Size Brewing Company and Brewmaster at 2014's World Beer Cup.

Key beers: Idiot IPA, Stupid Stout, Sock Knocker


6550 MIRA MESA BLVD., SAN DIEGO, CA 92121 | 858-622-0085 | info@greenflashbrew.com

At the point when the craft beer blast of the mid-2000s happened, Green Flash was at the bleeding edge of the development driven by San Diego fermenting legend (and previous brewmaster) Chuck Silva, who prepared a bunch of the jump overwhelming IPAs that San Diego ended up known for. The magnificence of Green Flash's IPAs, however, was the means by which they adjusted their exceptional bounce notes, and maybe no beer preferred exemplified that over the unbelievable West Coast IPA, with its tropical grapefruit notes and flower body. That imaginative soul lives on with unique beers like Green Flash's Hop Head Red, and the new Soul Style IPA.

Key beers: West Coast IPA, Palate Wrecker, Double Stout


With its housetop sitting above Pacific Beach, Amplified Ale Works may very well be the best place in San Diego for an extraordinary beer with a view. The distillery's improved with a gathering of music memorabilia, there's in every case great tunes playing - no Chainsmokers here - and head brewer Cy Henley even gives musically enlivened names to his mixes. Overall that, the kitchen makes a portion of the best kebabs you'll discover anyplace in San Diego, which can influence it to feel alongside difficult to really leave the bottling works. - Best Craft Beer San Diego

Key beers: Electrocution IPA, Pig Nose Pale Ale, Trois Cabrones



okay, here we go ...

Dazzle Lady Ale House
3416 Adams Ave (at 34th St), San Diego, CA

Yard San Diego: Located in the core of Normal Heights, BLAH is a craft beer darlings heaven. Gaining practical experience in artisan pizzas and craft mixes, their tap list is ceaseless, and their pies to share are divine!

Denise S.Denise Stafford: Great place to relax with some great craft mixes.

Jenny S.Jenny Soxx: Cross Pass Butternut Squash pizza and craft beer make for a fantastic night.

Desire Gastropub9.0

16761 Bernardo Center Dr, San Diego, CA

Gastropub · Rancho Bernardo · 86 hints and audits

Lee M.Lee Movic: Don't mull over the Murphy Nachos (made w/chips rather than fries). Bar Manager George is world class. Tap rundown to pass on for/craft beer wonderland.

Tyler T.Tyler Tremelling: Awesome place extraordinary nourishment and craft beer.!!

Erwin Erwin: One of the best craft beer tap lists in RB. Burgers are incredible as well.





San Diego Beer Week is at the in San Diego, USA. This occasion exhibits items like the best of San Diego's bottling works and neighborhood gourmet experts to commend the craft beer development, 24 distilleries and 12 culinary experts, Beer Garden, a really one of a kind and delectable beer and sustenance blending occasion, boundless testers of beer and nourishment and parcels more.


The San Diego Brewers Guild is glad to be a hotspot for bottling works, tradespeople, eateries and craft beer fans. Established in 1997, the Guild is a philanthropic association that looks to advance San Diego bottling works and make an open line of correspondence between brewers — interfacing a solid and lively network. As the American craft beer development turns out to be additionally imbued in the standard commercial center, our nearby preparing scene will keep on playing an essential part in the creating discussion and the historical backdrop of craft beer in general.

Official site : https://www.sdbeer.com


09:00 AM-06:00 PM (anticipated)

* not confirmed

Section Fees

Not available*

* for points of interest check official site


Guests: upto 1000

Exhibitors: 20 - 100

* Estimated Count

Class and Type

Public expo

Nourishment and Beverages


Recurrence Annual


The Official Closing Event for San Diego Beer Week

There is no better setting for the end occasion of San Diego Beer Week than the Arroyo Terrace of the Lodge at Torrey Pines. The Beer Garden unites the best of San Diego's distilleries and neighborhood gourmet experts to commend the craft beer development. With 28 bottling works and 14 culinary experts, the Beer Garden is a really one of a kind and flavorful sustenance and beer blending occasion. Every affirmation incorporates boundless testers of beer and sustenance. The occasion benefits Chef Celebration Foundation and the San Diego Brewers Guild.


Area The Lodge at Torrey Pines

11480 N Torrey Pines Rd

La Jolla, CA

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