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Information About Worcester Center for Crafts

Information About Worcester Center for Crafts

The Worcester Center for Crafts, situated in Worcester, MA, is one of Worcester's most established social foundations and was one of the main associations of its kind in the United States. Established in 1856 by the Worcester Employment Society, the Center furnished ladies with the aptitudes expected to make and offer handcrafts.

About Worcester 

Information About Worcester Center for Crafts

An ordeal, a place, an enthusiasm: the Worcester Center for Crafts

The Experience

As an ordeal, the Worcester Center for Crafts offers direction in the aptitudes of art, in the workmanship and feel of specialty and innovativeness, and in the valuation for the high quality stylish protest. Hands-on disclosure of making, gathering, acknowledging is incorporated in the greater part of our project. - Information About Worcester Center for Crafts

The Place

As a plus, the Worcester Center for Crafts has completely prepared spaces where understudies and craftsmen hone earthenware production, glass, adornments making, forging, bladesmithing and blacksmithing, enameling, and both computerized and darkroom photography. It is a network of creatives and producers. - Information About Worcester Center for Crafts

The Passion

And afterward there is energy, the word that we understudies, guests, and supporters utilize while portraying what the Worcester Center for Crafts is for them. This opens a dedication to making things of value and acknowledging things of value that convey another and imperative measurement to understudies', guests' and supporters' lives.

Call its craftsmanship, call it make, call it fundamental. The Worcester Center for Crafts is devoted to managing make as imperative to the network and to society.

The Worcester Center for Crafts assumes an imperative part in keeping up focal New England's edge on crafts instruction, promotion, and business enterprise. The Worcester Center for Crafts is a not-for-profit, network based expressions association focused on:

  • Giving quality specialty training 
  • Helping craftsmen/craftsmans to pick up perceivability and commercial center noticeable quality 
  • Supporting business in expressions of the human experience 
  • Advancing a thankfulness for fine art and the handcrafted protest 

Built up in 1856 as the Worcester Employment Society, the Worcester Center for Crafts is an association that still observes the estimation of specialty in enhancing the personal satisfaction of Worcester inhabitants. In the good 'ol days, the Center forged its convention of monetary strengthening through art by educating the aptitudes important to make and offer carefully assembled crafts principally to settlers and migrant ladies.

The Worcester Center for Crafts finished its multi year in 2009 by forging a collusion and organization with Worcester State University. WSU's Visual and Performing Arts classes in workmanship and music meet in our studios, and understudy transportation is given by the Sagamore Shuttle. WSU, as our accomplice, gives truly necessary help, including administration skill. Together, we are pushing ahead into an eventual fate of "supporting art as vital to the network and society." - Information About Worcester Center for Crafts

The Location 

The Worcester Center for Crafts is situated on 3 grounds:

Our primary working at 25 Sagamore Road in Worcester is the place our Ceramics, Metals, Multimedia, and Digital Photography programs and the Krikorian Gallery and Gallery Store are found.

35 B New Street in Worcester is the home of our cutting edge Glass Studio.

Our Darkroom Photography program is held at the grounds of the Worcester State University, LRC122. - Information About Worcester Center for Crafts

Studios and Facilities 

Pottery Studio 

Experience wheel-tossing, hand-building, shape making, and 5 different ways to flame

Our Ceramics Studio is a 4,000-square-foot office with an extra 1,200 square feet of open air oven territory. We educate a wide scope of classes—from passage level of cutting edge, through one-day workshops and multi-week sessions. Notwithstanding wheel-tossing, coating, and hand-building studio territories, there are semi-private studios for inhabitant specialists.

Prepared to help a scope of earthenware forming and completing procedures, the Ceramics Studio can oblige tossing, slip-throwing, dirt model, tile making, coat advancement, shape making, and fired outline.

With the 2013 redesign of the Ceramics Studio, our understudies and specialists presently appreciate 5 ovens and terminating composes: raku, electric oxidation, gas decrease, sodium vapor, and wood-filled terminating. The remodel was bolstered by capital assets from Worcester State University coordinated by the Stoddard Charitable Trust and the Fletcher Foundation. The principle studio territories are open and sufficiently bright by regular sky facing windows, just like the studios for the inhabitant craftsmen.

Artistic gear incorporates:


Custom-assembled Bailey 18C Sodium Vapor/Reduction-Fired Gas Kiln

Bailey 48/31 Shuttle Gas Kiln

Single-chamber crosses-draft wood furnace

L&L DaVinci Series 12-cubic-foot modernized electric furnace

2 Skutt KM 1027 modernized 7-cubic-foot electric furnaces

Skutt KS 1018 manual 4.2-cubic-foot electric furnace

Olympic Hot Box modernized test furnace

2 raku furnaces

Potters Wheels

20 Brent C, CXC, and Shimpo RK-Whisper potter's wheels

2 Randall kicks-wheels

Mud Mixing

Soldner Pro Model mud blender


24+ Cone Ten Studio coatings and slips

All around loaded coating lab with ventilated blending table

Ventilated Laguna Pro-V splash corner

Broader stock of coating crude materials

Lightnin Glaze Mixer and Jiffy Mixer

Different advanced and simple scales

Extra Equipment

North Star 24" piece roller

Brent 4" extruder

Bailey 4" extruder

Slip-O-Matic slip tank - Information About Worcester Center for Crafts

Glass Studio - New Street Glass Studio 

Hot shop, Cold shop, Flame shop - we have everything!

In our Glass Studio, we show youth and grown-up classes, give studio rentals—including hot-shop, chilly shop, fire shop alternatives, and furnace rental. We likewise offer space to craftsmen in-habitation. Glass specialists additionally can exploit our furnace rental advertising.

This 8,000-square-foot studio is off-site, situated at 35B New Street in Worcester. Call or email to ask about rentals, class information, or to plan a private exercise, private class, or showing.

Glassblowing Demonstrations and a Tour of NSG is an accessible choice for individuals fascinating in finding out about the procedures and seeing what we have access at New Street. Members will visit through the different studios while procedures and projects are clarified in detail. Exhibits in the Hot Shop and Flame Shop are choices. An effort contract must be finished to save a date and time no less than 10 days before the visit. All estimating and booking is done through the glass office head. Charges fluctuate from $80-$150 for a 1 ½ hour demo and ½ hour visit.

Available time is Monday through Thursday, 10am-6pm, Fridays, 12-5 (Please call ahead initial) 508-757-1424.

Open studio hours are Tuesday through Thursday, 5:30pm-9:30pm and 2pm-6pm on Saturdays.

Open studio is allowed to understudies selected in a multi week class for the utilization of the chilly shop or sandblaster.

Stroll in the rental of the fire shop lights is likewise permitted amid open studio.

All hot shop and furnace rentals, or studio use amid non open studio hours are by arrangement.

All rentals are by arrangement as it were. Glass studio telephone: (508) - 757-1424 Gale Scott, Department Head email: gscott@worcester.edu

Our completely prepared Glass Studio is additionally accessible to proficient craftsmen for rental and blow them at affordable rates.

PDF symbol Glass Studio Policies

Hot Shop Equipment

450-pound Correll Glass Invested Pot Furnace (with recuperator) softening Glasma Studio Batch

2 12-inch grandness openings

1 18-inch grandness opening

2 24-inch by 36-inch moving marvers

1 16-inch by 27-inch moving marver

1 28-inch by 70-inch moving marver

2 gas pipe warmers

1 18-inch by 18-inch by 18-inch get a stove with GB1 controller

2 shading put away/pick stoves (12-inch by 12-inch by 12-inch inside measurements)

4 front-stacking annealers (36 inches wide by 27 inches deep by 30 inches tall inside measurements)

3 sets of Jim Moore glassblowing hand instruments

Winding Arts channels and punties

Premium blowpipes

Wood hinders in sizes 6-16

Grouped optic molds

Extensive propane seat burn

2 oxy/propane seat lights

Light Working Studio 

Our full-benefit Flame Shop has 10 stations prepared for Oxygen/Propane Torches

9 Carlisle CC Torches

9 Nortel Minor Bead Torches

3 tool stash dab annealers

2 front-stacking flameworking annealers with "doggie entryways"

10 tool stash loaded with Didymium Glasses and flameworking apparatuses

Throwing/Fusing Kilns

All furnaces on Digitry GB4 or GB1 Controllers

Top-stacking furnace (51 inches wide by 28.5 inches deep by 11.5 inches tall)

Top-stacking octagonal oven (24 inches wide by 24 inches deep by 27 inches tall)

Top-stacking furnace with GB1 (18 inches wide by 18 inches deep by 18 inches tall)

Top-stacking oval oven (41 inches wide by 25 inches deep by 13 inches tall)

Top-stacking oval oven (41 inches wide by 26 inches deep by 13 inches tall)

Chilly Shop Equipment

3 30-inch free coarseness granulating wheels: 80,220,400 corn meal

Somaca Wet Belt Sander (106 creeps by 4 inches)

Target Diamond Chop Saw with sliding bed, 14-inch sharp edge

Variable speed cutting machine with 1-inch arbor

2-sided cleaning station with 16-inch horsehair and felt wheels for pumice and cerium oxide

Bore press

The extensive combination of jewel, stone, felt, and plug wheels for cutting and cleaning machines

Hand-lapping station

Sandblasting bureau (42 inches wide by 23 inches deep by 30 inches tall inside measurements)

Treated steel and cushioned work tables

The Formal Contact


Worcester Center for Crafts
25 Sagamore Road
Worcester, MA 01605
508-797-5626 (fax)
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