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Lets Make Baby Shark Craft

Lets Make Baby Shark Craft


It's the ideal opportunity for a lovable wobbling craft – we should influence Baby To shark's family, as observed on Caitie's Classroom! Child Shark, Mama Shark and Papa Shark, Grandma Shark and Grandpa Shark aren't just simple to make however they are much more amusing to play with. Give them a delicate push and they will shake right and left and influence children to snicker and grin.

It is additionally a decent chance to discuss family, more distant family and commonplace associations. Show photographs of awesome grandparents, search for facial likenesses, and record relatives' names on paper – these are only a portion of the exercises you can attempt with your children.

Lets Make Baby Shark Craft

Moreover, this craft urges minimal ones to learn or survey circles and arranging by estimate.


  • Blue card stock paper 
  • White and light blue paint 
  • Round paint wipe 
  • Cotton swabs 
  • Googly eyes 
  • Scissors 
  • Paste 
  • Dark marker 

Begin by cutting five circles from blue cardstock paper: one little, two medium and two substantial. You can use round family things, similar to mugs or bowl, to follow on paper. You can likewise utilize diverse tints of blue, light blue for the infant shark and darker blue for the guardians and grandparents.

When you have every one of the circles, overlay them down the middle. Paint the sharks' gut light blue with a round paint wipe. Since paper tends to twist when wet, you might need to hold the circle parts together and secure them with a clothespin.

While you sit tight for the paint to dry, draw fishtails and blades on blue paper and cut them out. Paste them all on the sharks.

Paste the eyes and draw with a dark marker the eye subtle elements, mouths and the sharks' gill openings utilizing three bended lines. Make the teeth with a Q-tip and a touch of white paint.


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