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Lets Play Cosmic Craft Games

Lets Play Cosmic Craft Games

CosmicCraft is a creating server that is available to new thoughts and new astounding forms.

You would now be able to appreciate a radical better approach for Minecraft with old and new companions.

The server can run numerous directions to improve your experience and better. Also, with mods and administrators online right around all day, every day. Your manufacturers are secured.

The with the server running with individuals around the globe associated with little slack you would now be able to appreciate playing with your companions from around the globe a lot more fun.

Along these lines, please finished and look at our server that is before long to become...your server.

Lets Play Cosmic Craft Games

Cosmic Craft is a split Minecraft server with an inviting network 

Cosmic Craft is another prominent Minecraft server with many individuals playing. There is a wide range of amusement modes on Cosmic Craft, from PvP to inventive plots, to jail, and the sky is the limit from there. This is a decent Minecraft server for security as they are one of the main Minecraft servers that expect players to make a secret key and utilize it with a specific end goal to log on.w Cosmic Craft is certainly an intriguing server.

Max Players: 2,000

Server Address: MC.CosmicMC.com

On the ends of the week, this server is so populated it might be difficult to get into a portion of the sub-servers, similar to the inventive plots. There are numerous players on every one of the servers to play within Cosmic Craft making it an extremely awesome multiplayer Minecraft server.


  • McMMO Factions
  • Towny
  • SkyBlock
  • Survival Games
  • Prop Hunt Hide and Seek
  • MiniGames
  • Battle Arena
  • Spleef
  • Paintball
  • Mob Arena
  • Team fortress
  • GTA grand theft auto
  • Prison
  • Kit PvP
  • OP Kit PvP
  • Dwarves Vs Zombies
  • Annihilation
  • Creative
  • Crafting Dead
  • BedWars EggWars
Lets Play Cosmic Craft Games

cosmic craft server ip

Tips and Guide: 


We should get straight to it!

1. Spend your initial 30 minutes getting dropped plunder at produce.

You'll discover most dropped plunder at the bank (the place with loads of ender chests), however, fortunes can show up somewhere else. On the off chance that you go out there with nothing, odds are, you'll get executed by any individual who sees you.

2. Be genuine thrifty.

It's an unforgiving reality where everybody can execute you. All things considered, planning for the most exceedingly bad is the most ideal approach to gradually manufacture your fortune. Along these lines, store the best stuff that you have in the bank and utilize what's cleared out. The main thing you'll begin with is sustenance. Take at most 8 of them and adventure out.

Basics (arranged by need from most to minimum):

- Armor

- T1/T2 expert rifleman rifle(s). Expect a protective position; on the off chance that they're far more grounded than you, endeavor to get away, and in the event that they're as solid as you, prevent them by drawing them into tight spaces and get free shots. Murders are particularly invited, however scoring headshots will draw into consideration (through firecrackers/commotion), so don't remain there for a really long time.

- expert marksman ammunition

- T2 shotgun. Utilized for climbing the wall and 2-square high dividers, in the event that you as of now have an expert sharpshooter rifle.

- shotgun ammunition

- T1/T2 gun. Utilized as a scuffle weapon, more often than not against zombies/skeletons.

When you can't store any longer things at the bank, supplant the slightest profitable things, and consider giving stuff you don't have to potential partners (utilizing/exchange) rather than discarding them.

Lets Play Cosmic Craft Games

3. Join a pack.

Find faithful partners (once you set aside $1000 you can make a posse), or join a group. What preferable method for staying safe over having a place with a gathering?

Posses have a wide range of principles. That is the reason you have to take in some discretion aptitudes.

4. Vote. Better believe it, vote.

It is anything but an alternative here, it's a need. You get vote keys that you can use to open supposed vote chess where you get some irregular stuff (fundamentally like gachapon distributors). Simply let yourself know "I'm voting so

that I'll wind up loving this server" in the event that you don't care for it.

5. Purchase "contributor" positions and things.

The prior you get one, the better. Spending your mother's Mastercard on these OP things and positions will ensure you not just demolish each other non-benefactor out there, yet in addition viewed by them.

Prescribed: Ray Gun, Ender Staff

6. On the off chance that you don't go anyplace then surrender, man. You suck.

Honestly, it's difficult to survive not to mention flourish in a server where "givers" rule, no mods/administrators keep watch, and there are misuses that permit generally unusable hacks (like Flight/AntiKB)...

This is a Pay2Win server, and in the event that you abhor it at that point return to singleplayer, scour. - Lets Play Cosmic Craft Games


Learn Factions [The most effortless method for playing and claiming] 

Hi Players!

I am here to demonstrate to all of you about Factions, particularly, how to guarantee a group accurately.

For one thing, do/wild to go to wild (/wild the full word. At that point Choose a place you might want to survive or assemble. Presently you come to make another group. Make one be/f make <name>.

At that point put portrayal on the off chance that you like (discretionary). Presently you have to guarantee a land!

Here are the subtle elements:

1. Faction land can be guaranteed just as a piece. A Chunk is a region of 16x16 squares.

TIP: Press F3+G to demonstrate piece outskirts.

In groups, you likewise have a term 'Power'. This number is out of 10 (just for you).

So the measure of intensity you have, that much measure of lumps you can guarantee.

First remain in a piece you might want to guarantee. At that point do/f guarantee.

Amazing! You just asserted a lump of land!

In the event that you require more pieces to guarantee, attempt/f autoclaim. This will consequently guarantee the pieces you stroll in!

To stop auto guaranteeing, again do/f auto claim to trigger it.

2. To see insights about a player's group or a group (by name e.g. 'Test') do/f indicate <player_name or faction_name>

This will give you the insights about the groups and its individuals.

3. In the event that you need to guarantee more land, at that point you can welcome more players. Indeed, even their capacity means your group. e.g. I and my companion both have 10/10 control. So now we can guarantee 20 pieces of land.

4. Welcome, a player to your group by/f welcome <name>. This player would then be able to join with/f join <faction name>

5. Hand over a player your administrator or arbitrator or initiative rank with direction/f administrator <name> or/f mod <name> or/f pioneer <name> separately. Keep in mind: There can be just 1 administrator 1 mediator and 1 pioneer! Not various.

6. Learn rest of the directions by/f

7. PvP: If someone transports to you, he/she can't murder or hurt you in your guaranteed arrive. He/she can hurt you in the wild. Keep in mind: If the player has done direction:/f foe <faction name>, at that point he/she can disobediently hurt you.

Indeed, that is just for now! Kindly do post beneath any mix-ups by me underneath. Much obliged to you!

I will post anything if something is absent!

Have a decent day

Lets Play Cosmic Craft Games

Cosmic Craft Factions (Minecraft Server Review)

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