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The Hacker Craft Boat Reviews

The Hacker Craft Boat Reviews

Hacker-Craft: World-Class, Custom-Built Mahogany Boats 

To claim a Hacker-Craft is to have a place with a selective club.

Hacker-Craft Boat Company is the remainder of a breed, meticulously assembling yacht-class vessels from the best hardwoods and composite materials to give each model a one of a kind look of enduring style and toughness. The heritage of Hacker-Craft pontoons may go back 110 years, yet the organization keeps on picking front line outline and development procedures that consummately mix the best characteristics of the best mahogany wood with current materials, drive frameworks and equipment. The outcome is a novel magnum opus that stands tall in the realm of normal creation vessels and prizes the proprietor with the eminence and delight of a custom assembled, shrewdly planned cruising pontoon.

The Hacker Craft Boat Reviews
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since 1908, every Hacker-Craft has been hand-worked in America, each one in turn, by back to back ages of the world's best vessel building craftsmen. The heritage is that of John L. Hacker (1877-1961), the superior maritime designer of mahogany delight crafts of the most recent century, whose plans incorporated a portion of the best mahogany watercrafts at any point constructed: Pardon Me, Thunderbird, El Lagarto, Bootlegger, Peerless, Dolphin, Kitty Hawk, Belle Isle Bear Cats, My Sweetie, and a few others. In the 1930's, our praised watercraft were named "The Steinway of Runabouts," and since have thrilled individuals around the globe; from commanders to Gold Cup racers and superstars. - The Hacker Craft Boat Reviews


The Hacker Boat Company, Inc. is the world's biggest developer of exemplary mahogany speedboats, with corporate base camp and boatyard offices situated on the delightful shoreline of Lake George, in the town of Silver Bay, NY. The organization's creation and reclamation office are situated in memorable Ticonderoga, NY.

Today, Hacker-Craft has proceeded with the heritage starting at a standout amongst the most bona fide American-made brands. Our lord craftsmen have more than 100 long stretches of consolidated experience fabricating and reestablishing wooden vessels, maintaining the benchmark procedure and quality norms that propelled the inheritance. We drudge a large number of hours over each Hacker-Craft, continually sanding once again or applying another layer of varnish to guarantee a definitive mirror wrap up.

The Hacker-Craft armada incorporates Runabouts, Racers, Sports Boats, Sportabouts, Sterlings, and stand-out Yacht Tenders. Hacker-Craft Tenders are specially crafted for every customer and hand-worked to impeccably adjust extravagance and utility. Our reality class vessels give ideal solace and execution, even in the harshest seaside conditions.

Hacker-Craft was as of late named as one of "America's Top 50 Products" by Forbes Magazine. Also, our watercraft have been highlighted in promoting efforts for a considerable lot of the world's head items, including brands, for example, Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica, Marks and Spencer, Tommy Bahama, and Neiman Marcus.

A Hacker-Craft is worked for a lifetime. We take a stab at brilliance in each part of generation and client benefit, furnishing each new proprietor with a definitive sculling knowledge. Because of using headways in current advances, we're fabricating the best quality vessels ever of an organization. Every Hacker-Craft is exceptional, offering different ages with a lifetime of recollections. - The Hacker Craft Boat Reviews

Thank you for celebrating the Hacker-Craft legacy with us!

Contact Us
Call: (866) 540-5546 / Fax: (518) 543-6732 / Email Us

8 Delaware Ave
Silver Bay, NY 12874
Phone: (866) 540-5546
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday: 9am- 5pm;
Saturday & Sunday by appointment.

Continuously in Style: Hacker-Craft 

Hacker-Craft's yacht tenders have an immortal outline and a storied name as well.

Most yacht fans know the well known uber yacht Christina O. Be that as it may, did you know her delicate was a Hacker-Craft? What about Talitha G? Or then again Odessa II? That's right, both had Hacker-Craft tenders as well. Also, there are some more.

WHOM IT'S FOR: The yachtsman hunting down in excess of a ride to and from a vessel. This is for the person who needs to create an impression about his energy for the distraction — somebody who acknowledges a great outline enveloped by a cutting-edge construct.

PICTURE THIS: Your team controls up until the twin 260 hp VW diesel on this 32-foot gliding limo, and you and 10 companions whisk far from the huge watercraft at 35 hitches for multi-day of investigating another port of call. The fervor of a first visit is discernable. Possibly some shopping and an evening of eating on neighborhood cooking quayside? Back on the limo delicate, you pour some rosĂ©, sit once again into delicate calfskin seats and toast to favorable luck. - The Hacker Craft Boat Reviews

The Product

The Hacker Craft Boat Reviews

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Some Testimonials:

"I need you to know I have been around marinas, watercraft, and so on for my entire life. Worked in yards, constructed docks, pulled, captained… I've seen everything. Your association is one of the best I've at any point experienced! What a treat. Much obliged to you!" - Prepossessed watercraft client

"Our thanks again for the magnificent administration that you and your team gave as we had [our Hacker-Craft] prepared for her new home" - Pre-possessed pontoon client

"I'm exceedingly inspired by the ride of the Tommy Bahama Edition." - General Manager, vessel merchant

"We were out in the vessel and individuals were ceasing their watercraft to gape and snapping pictures… the whole time." - Hacker-Craft proprietor - The Hacker Craft Boat Reviews

"Hackers are the most choice watercraft on the planet!! They are exemplary, rich, attractive and dependable have such nearness… .!!" - CEO, Public Relations Firm

"… extremely beautiful watercraft; you made me dream… " - Senior delegate, promoting office

"Amazing. Photographs don't do them equity… " - Hacker-Craft proprietor from Finland

"Have claimed one for a long time. Great machine!!" - Hacker-Craft proprietor

"We claim a 30' Runabout. It's not simply beautiful sight. We utilize it every day; it drives itself and handles in the same class as it looks. Wherever we go individuals appreciate the vessel; I continue asking why individuals are gazing at us." - Hacker-Craft proprietor

"On account of the Hacker group for a delightful pontoon… " - Restoration Shop client

"I simply need to set aside the opportunity to thank you and your group for the work you as of late performed on my 24' Hacker-Craft. The nature of time and exertion your organization performed on the complete work and every one of the subtle elements that I requesting that you address turned out simply like the day it exited the manufacturing plant when it was new. Much thanks to you for the majority of your diligent work and devotion" - Restoration client - The Hacker Craft Boat Reviews

"Quite a long while back, I put in a request with Hacker Boat Company for a custom Hacker-Craft. Your firm completed an astonishing activity. The fit and complete are heavenly. It is ideal for pulling skiers and an incredible vessel for cruising the lake, engaging companions. The lines of the pontoon are second-to-none. In addition to the fact that I am inspired with the pontoon, yet I am awed with your client benefit throughout the years." - Current administration client

"Our 1997 Hacker-Craft draws respecting looks each time we take her out! Appreciative on account of our companions at Hacker who can be relied on, consistently, mindful and individual administration." - Long-time client

"After much research, we picked [Hacker Boat Company] to finish the reclamation [of our Hacker-Craft]. They could finish all essential work in a first-class way, on time, and inside spending plan. Obviously, the vessel is currently in preferable condition over when it cleared out the manufacturing plant." - Happy rebuilding client

"You assemble an awesome pontoon." - The senior officer, pontoon organization

"Hacker-Craft: the Rolls, Jaguar, Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz everything being equal!" - Manager, resource administration firm

"I've investigated your site and have, obviously, known about the Hacker notoriety and think these are wonderfully introduced vessels." "I can't trust the workmanship. Breathtaking." - Boat indicate guest

"The most guileful watercraft I've ever observed." - Magazine editorial manager

"Your vessels are past stunning and I gladly show a model of your Hacker-Craft in my office." - Manager, private club, Palm Beach

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