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Best Craft Iron For Craft Activities

Best Craft Iron For Craft Activities

Mini Craft Irons Not Just For Crafts

Many people assume a Mini Craft Iron, is really any other toy to have inside the craft or stitching room, in lots of instances, this is not true, they offer a good dealgreater than simply being a “MiniIron”. For people with arthritis, or hand problems, travel or attend craft and stitching classes or retreats they may be a much used and liked part of our sewers and quilters “Tool Box”

Best Craft Iron For Craft Activities

  • Lightweight
  • Good Quality Mini Craft Irons are a Fully functioning steam or dry iron
  • Glide fantastically with one hand
  • Good ones are ergonomic in design, making them terrific for people with arthritis or those folks who've dexterity issues
  • Brilliant when ironing those small seams while sewing or quilting, specially exceptional for curved seams along with the one dreaded sleeve seams, patchwork and quilting piecing and applique
  • Full heat settings of your ordinary complete sized iron
  • Great for traveling, quilting and stitching instructions
  • Sit superbly on a small area of your ironing board or any ironing surface you have available
  • Work extremely properly with a small warmth evidence silicon mat, so surfaces aren't damaged through the warmth of the iron and you do no longer should stand your mini craft iron “upright” while warm, making it plenty more secure

Many of my clients have troubles with their hands, and find a complete sized iron, extremely hard to move and frequently need to try to use both fingers at the iron handle, and a result they use their mini craft iron for all their ironing needs. Yes its miles a touch slower than using a larger normal sized iron, however if your palms and wrists are not aching afterwards, it's far properly really worth it.

A Mini Craft Iron, can help you get into all the one little tiny seams, without making use of heat or strain to areas you do no longer need to need it, and a properly designed Mini Craft iron has an awesome point for either starting your seams, or pressing the seams to one facet as required with the aid of the mission you're working on.

They may be tucked away everywhere when you are traveling or attending sewing or quilting classes or retreats.

We all have a tendency to study whatever small as being a “toy” in preference to being the “real component”. In the case of a Mini Craft Iron, nothing is similarly from fact. These little beauties, are full featured however in a miniature length, for all the proper motives.

Sewing Buddies Australia inventory both the Fabricare Mini Steam Iron, the Birch Mini Steam Iron plus the Sunbeam Mini Steam Iron Please visit the Iron Section in our Store for greater info. - Best Craft Iron For Craft Activities

Birch Mini Steam Iron for Craft and Travel Caravans Motorhomes and Quilting Patchwork New 

Best Craft Iron For Craft Activities


Birch Mini Steam Iron for Craft and Travel Caravans Motorhomes and Quilting Patchwork New

Time after time we are running between the sewing machine and the iron while we're knitting. The delights of having a Mini Steam Iron is that you can set up an ironing station appropriate just next for your gadget (sparing your time). Helpful and versatile, the Mini Steam and Dry Iron easily fits into a crafter's gadget field, or into a voyage sack for those touch-u.S. On the go.

Ergonomically planned, the Birch Mini Steam and Dry Iron is a should have apparatus to take away wrinkles on your sketches. Just connect it to and inside a couple of moments, you'll be earnest your blankets and pieces of clothing, arranged for the consequent sew.

Smaller than normal Steam Iron for Craft And Travel

Steam and Dry Ironing

One of a kind Ergonomic Rubber Handle

Non – Stick Soleplate

Extraordinary for Caravans and Motor Homes, fit for works of art on a hundred and twenty-127V or two hundred-240V

Perfect for embroidery, handicrafts and while visiting. Convenient, versatile length fits in crafters tool stash. Awesome for school, venture and crafting and knitting withdraws.

Mine sits on my hand-crafted ironing load up appropriate close to my contraption for that snappy press in the meantime as knitting and patchworking/sewing.


  • Small scale Steam Iron expels wrinkles from about any material 
  • 1.4oz (forty milliliters) water tank 
  • Ideal for Traveling – Dual voltage for voyage comfort 
  • Warms up expedient in 30 seconds 
  • Variable temperature settings 
  • Non-stick sole plate 
  • 1-contact steam control 
  • Measures thirteen.4 x 7.6 x 7.6cm 
  • Intended to adjust with Australian Electrical Standards (Approval Number: SGS-150317-EA) 
  • 1 yr creation affirmation 
  • Guidance Booklet

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