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Crafting Guide OSRS - Old School Rune Scape

Crafting Guide OSRS - Old School Rune Scape

Camelus's 1-99 Crafting Guide

Welcome! So, considering I've gotten 99 Crafting, a completely common query is "what did you do to ninety nine" "how a lot did it value" and "what need to I do from degree X to X" so I notion this will be a terrific way to give answers to those questions. Personally, I spent round 40m on Crafting, doing most of the methods I'm going to present nowadays.

So to begin, from 1-10 I endorse doing Misthalin Mystery, which gives six hundred crafting xp, and Dwarf Cannon, which offers 750 crafting xp. Doing those two gets you simply beneath stage 11.

Crafting Guide OSRS - Old School Rune Scape

From 10-42 I advocate doing bowstrings. It's smooth to get ahold of, and nearly free to reap, and it is an clean manner to get the starter degrees out of the way. You'll want more or less 3k flax to get 42.

Forty two-46 Is ruby bracelets, or you may keep on with flax till 46 in case you need to. Ruby bracelets deliver 80xp every, and at cutting-edge expenses are very cheap to do. You'll need a bit underneath three hundred Ruby bracelets to get to forty six.

46-sixty three/seventy one/87 Is unpowered orbs. Cheap, and afk, however no longer as rapid as ruby bracelets. You can keep on with ruby bracelets in case you choose that choice, although. Unpowered orbs deliver 52.5xp each, which is roughly 75k xp per hour. To make the orbs you'll need a glassblowing pipe, and molten glass. The one gain to this technique is that it is a little less awareness in depth than the bracelets.

63-seventy one Is Green d'hide our bodies. Dragonhide our bodies may be rapid, however it's also whilst crafting receives quite pricy. Each Green d'cover body gives 186xp every, but desires 3 inexperienced dragon leather-based according to frame, finishing up at 62xp consistent with dragon leather-based.

71-84 Is Blue d'disguise. Same because the inexperienced d'conceal, however 210xp each (70 in line with disguise)

84-ninety nine Black d'conceal our bodies. Very high-priced, but very fast. 258xp in keeping with body, which is 86xp according to disguise.

Alternative methods: 87-ninety nine Dorgeshuun orbs. Giving 70xp each, it's the equal concept as unpowered orbs, simply faster. You can get roughly 100k xp an hour by means of paying a moderate quantity of attention.

Crafting Guide OSRS - Old School Rune Scape

Depending on the time you try this, this will be a moderate loss, damage even, or maybe a earnings. Each amulet gives 150xp every, and a further 4xp in case you string the amulet. Depending on the prices, it might be really worth enthralling them into glories earlier than you sell them.

At 66 Crafting you may make air battlestaves, which give 137.5xp each, ending up at a touch over 300k xp according to hour. To make air battlestaves you will need air orbs, and battlestaves. To get air orbs you may both purchase the air orbs themselves, purchase and charge the unpowered orbs, or use the orbs you made from the earlier steps. For the battlestaves you could purchase them from Zaff in Varrock, from the magic save in Yanille, or Baba Yaga on lunar isle. You can also buy battlestaves daily at a reduction for 7k each if you've done the varrock diary. Completing the clean diary will allow you to buy 15 day by day, medium is 30 every day, tough at 60 in step with day, and the elite permitting you to buy 120 consistent with day. It's very recommended to constantly purchase your day by day battlestaves at the way to ninety nine crafting, as it's just smooth/profitable xp.

Last but not least is to spin flax. No, no longer like that. At 76 magic, and get admission to to the Lunar Spellbook, you may use the "Spin Flax" spell. Spin flax will spin 5 flax consistent with forged from your stock, giving 75 magic xp, and 75 crafting xp in line with cast. The quality way to solid this spell is to have precisely 25 flax in step with stock, no greater, no less. You can do approximately 1,000 casts in step with hour, supplying you with a slightly profitable 75k magic, and crafting xp consistent with hour. - Crafting Guide OSRS - Old School Rune Scape

Additional info

You can tan hides yourself to shop a bit little bit of price. There's four exclusive tanners in general, Ellis in Al-kharid, the leatherworker within the ranging guild, Sbott in Canifis, and Tanner inside the crafting guild. A couple things to word, Sbott costs a bit over double in line with conceal, and the Crafting guild bank chest calls for either of completion of the smooth, medium, and difficult Falador diary, or 99 crafting to apply. However, Tanner is a superb one to apply, as he's the closer to a bank than any of the others.

Additionally, you may use the Tan Leather spell on the lunar spellbook. You'll need seventy eight magic, and of completion of the clean, medium, and difficult Fremennik diary. The spell gives 81 xp every, however can be cast a most of approximately 1,500 times an hour, ending up at 120k xp an hour, and around 7,500 hides in step with hour. The spell expenses one nature rune, and  astrals consistent with forged, and you should have a fire personnel geared up whilst the usage of it. Keep three inventory slots taken up at all time, as you can tan five at a time, having more or less than 25 will just be losing runes on less than 5 hides. The average value in line with spell is around 600gp, ending at 120gp consistent with disguise (as of three-17-2017, listed prices will exchange, test ahead.)

A approach it really is possible for each f2p and p2p is making tiaras. You'll want 23 crafting to lead them to, and may range from 65k-80k xp per hour, depending on which furnace you operate. Using the falador furnace, you can get kind of 65k xp in keeping with hour, and on the edgeville furnace it's around 80k. At current expenses, the silver bar is 100gp each, and the tiaras promote for 30gp every. Making the tiaras offers 52.Five xp every, so at cutting-edge prices, it's around 1.3 gp/xp, making it around 17m to get from 23-99 crafting this way, and taking about 2 hundred hours in f2p, and 162.Five hours in p2p. - Crafting Guide OSRS - Old School Rune Scape

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