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Creative Valentine Craft For Home Decor

Creative Valentine Craft For Home Decor

Adorable and Easy Valentine Craft Decorations

Valentine’s Day is right across the corner! It’s a stunning vacation complete of hearts, vegetation, kisses, and love. Since we're only a few weeks out from Valentine’s Day, it’s the best time to make your property greater festive and Valentine-ready! It’s a romantic time of year and an actually simple one to enhance for. Express your affection and enhance your property by doing it your self decorations. So right here’s a group of ideas so that you may want to do your clean DIY Valentines day decorations and crafts for the vacation!

Creative Valentine Craft For Home Decor

Let’s get your house in spirit of LOVE, lets? We have listed lovable and easy valentine decorations which are wallet-friendly! Some of them are so easy, you could make with your children!

DIY Magnetic Heart Chalkboard with Podgeable Magnets

Leave unique love notes with the magnets or write at the floor with chalk on your unique a person. This DIY Valentine decoration can be used year-spherical, too! Get the directions to make one beneath...

Use magnetic paint and chalkboard paint on canvas to make a surface with  personalities! This DIY magnetic chalkboard is EASY to do.

Creative Valentine Craft For Home Decor

Valentine's Day is right across the nook! Everything is purple, puffy hearts. Well, now not the whole thing . . . There are some valentine decorations that you may make for your home that can stay up all 12 months. And this DIY magnetic chalkboard is one of them! At least in my humble opinion.

What I love approximately this undertaking is that I used sorts of paint – magnetic and chalkboard – to show an undeniable canvas that I sold at the cheap into something beneficial. I'm simply happy with the result! Here's how I did it.

Magnetic Chalkboard on Canvas

Gather These Supplies
  • 16” x 20” canvas
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Chalkboard Paint – Gray
  • Magnetic Paint
  • Mod Podge Acrylic Shapes – 6 hearts, if you do not have those reduce them out of cardboard
  • Mod Podge Matte
  • Rub-On Transfers
  • Scrapbook paper and elaborations within the patterns of your choice
  • Craft glue
  • Magnets – adhesive strips
  • Foam brush
  • Paintbrush
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Gesso (elective)
  • Sandpaper (non-compulsory)

I was given this canvas in the Hobby Lobby clearance section for $three! Amazing, huh? I painted it with Gesso to cowl the pattern. You can pass this step if you are starting with a new canvas.

Give the canvas three coats of magnetic paint the use of a foam brush, following the commands at the again of the jar carefully. This stuff is thick, but do not be intimidated. It won't appear this crappy while the assignment is accomplished. Also if your magnetic paint is rough, you could sand the usage of the sandpaper.

Paint the complete canvas with two coats of chalkboard paint and permit dry. Make positive to paint the perimeters, too. After the whole lot dries, glue ribbon around the brink of the canvas.

While your canvas is drying, hint the Podgeable hearts onto the scrapbook paper and cut them out.

Decoupage the paper onto the back of the coronary heart shapes and allow dry.

Add Embellishments and rub-ons to the fronts of the hearts. I used the Mod Podge Rub-Ons which have a few lovable messages! You can use any stickers, sincerely – just a little something to dress up the fronts of the coronary heart shapes.
Dimensional Magic to the fronts of the hearts and allow them to dry for several hours.

Attach magnet strips to the lower back of the hearts using craft glue and permit dry. I even have a tip for you right here. BEFORE you glue the magnets down, make certain they're attaching to the canvas very well. You need pretty robust magnets. If the magnets are too vulnerable, they will simply fall off, and that is no properly! Prepare the chalkboard following the commands on the returned of the paint bottle.

Creative Valentine Craft For Home Decor

You now have a magnetic chalkboard with  personalities – you may maintain notes with the magnets, or you could write at the floor with chalk. Pretty cool, huh? This DIY magnetic chalkboard idea is wonderful for an employer center, or simply to inform your family participants which you love them. Enjoy! - Creative Valentine Craft For Home Decor

DIY Glitter "Love" Canvass

This splendid DIY Glitter LOVE Canvas will appearance fashionable for Valentine’s Day, year spherical, or on anniversaries!

Creative Valentine Craft For Home Decor
via: heylaurenrene

It’s been a while for the reason that I’ve been running round right here, so I decided to do a short Michael’s pressure-with the aid of the day gone by with Shane in tow.  This manner I had all of 10 mins to fly via the shop with him kicking and screaming.  That, paired with having no concept what I become even there for, lead to an alternatively unproductive and traumatic journey to the craft shop (do you spot why I even have taken a wreck from crafting?).  I grabbed a few canvases, a few wooden letters and got out of there as quickly as I should.

Once I got home I found out I didn’t sincerely buy enough to make something so it turned into a time to acquire a few substances I had across the house.  As I rummaged thru my craft containers all I stored taking into account turned into Glitter Deer Head undertaking I did for Christmas.  I had the gold glitter, the paint, and the canvas…ah ha, I could make another but for upstairs in our room.  I bought the wooden L.O.V.E letters with Valentine’s Day in thoughts so I thought this will be the ideal undertaking for this month.  It could also be high-quality for an anniversary gift, or simply truly any occasion….Who doesn’t need some yr round love?

Here is what you will want:
  • A canvas (mine became 12″x 24″)
  • Black gloss acrylic paint and a sponge brush
  • Gold glitter
  • A yardstick & pencil
  • Blue painters tape
  • Wooden letters
  • Elmer’s glue & glue gun
  • Clear teeth spray

  1. Using the sponge brush coat the wooden letters with Elmer’s glue and lay on a bit of newspaper.  Sprinkle gold glitter generously to cowl each letter.  Shake the glitter off and lay the letters on every other piece of newspaper.  Save the excess glitter.
  2. Let the glitter set for a few minutes and then gently spray with the clear coat teeth spray.  Leave the letters to dry even as you put together the canvas.
  3. Take your canvas and backyard stick with mark off the dimensions of the lines you need.  I did 2″ thick lines.  Draw lightly with a pencil wherein each line is.
  4. Using blue painters tape, masks off the traces which you want to maintain white and hold open the ones you want black.  Make certain you clearly rub the tape down so it doesn’t bleed under the tape.  Make sure to run the tape around and paint the edges as nicely.
  5. Take an easy sponge brush and gently paint the black gloss paint at the strains you need to be black.  Let it dry a touch and then cross in with a 2d coat.
  6. Once dry, cast off the painter's tape.
  7. Glue gun for your gold glitter letters.

Easy-peasy right?  The deer head task became definitely greater exertions extensive….So this gave me the same look that I loved a lot about the first one however changed into WAY simpler.  This would also totally be a laugh with purple glitter for Valentine’s Day.  I was additionally taking into consideration buying a wooden coronary heart and doing that in purple glitter and changing simply the “O” with that.  Had I been questioning directly whilst at Michael’s I might also have a concept of that ahead….Next time!

And there you have got it…a Valentine’s Day stimulated challenge this is first rate simple and classy that can be displayed yr spherical.  Definitely, provide this one a strive!  Happy crafting! - Creative Valentine Craft For Home Decor

Creative Valentine Craft For Home Decor

Paper Heart Crafts

These paper hearts would appearance top notch on your mantel this month of Love! And it’s notable clean to make.

How to make Paper Hearts

These paper hearts are best to hold up with Valentine’s Day decoration, upload to a present and much greater! I think they would be amazing adorable in a little lady’s bedroom!

Creative Valentine Craft For Home Decor

All you want are a few elements to make this a laugh paper craft! Let’s get started out

Paper Hearts Supplies

  • Scrapbook Paper – any type will work, 12×12″ length works the exceptional
  • Straightedge cutter – Love this element!
  • Hole punch
  • Brads – those metal guys are so lovable!
  • Twine or different ribbon to hold the paper hearts with
  • Scissors
Creative Valentine Craft For Home Decor

How To Do IT!

Step 1
Cut strips of paper, 1 inch huge via 12 inches long. Or how ever long your paper is.
10 strips of paper same 1 coronary heart

Step 2
For each heart, you'll need 10 portions of paper = five one of a kind styles
Cut 1 inch from eight of the strips of paper

Step 3
For the biggest coronary heart, start with a 12 inch strip of paper.
Then reduce each piece 1 inch shorter. You must have…
2 = 12 inch strips // 2 = 11 inch strips // 2 = 10 inch strips // 2 = nine inch strips // 2 = eight inch strips
Use the leftover portions to make those adorable Valentine’s Day Treat Bags!

Stack pieces of paper to shape coronary heart

Step 4
Stack the strips of paper starting with the shortest on the bottom and the styles dealing with up in the direction of you, into 2 piles
Punch a hole ultimately of the papers

Step 5
Make sure the rims are lined up, and punch a hole in the long run, approximately 1/4 inch from the threshold. If your hole punch is robust sufficient, punch all of the strips at once. If no longer, punch one set, then use one of the strips as a pattern to punch the alternative set.
Add brad thru hollow

Step 6
Now, lay the papers collectively with the two longest portions dealing with collectively, right facets collectively. Making certain the holes are lined up, then attach the brad fastener.
Form heart with paper

Step 7
Next it’s time to form the heart form. Bring every of the ends collectively till they suit and punch a hole. If your hole punch isn’t sturdy enough to go through all 10 pieces of paper, use the hole you punched on the other side as a guide.
Finished paper heart

Step 8
Now, connect the brad fastener and you're equipped to cling the paper hearts.
Hang paper hearts with string

Add cord to the hearts if you need to dangle them. Wrap the cord around the brad inside the middle and tie it off.

I made three exclusive sizes, here are the sizes I used, but essentially every strip wishes to be 1 inch shorter…

Medium Paper Hearts

2 = 10 inch strips // 2 = 9 inch strips // 2= eight inch strips // 2 = 7 inch strips // 2 = 6 inch strips

Smallest Paper Hearts

2 = 8 inch strips // 2= 7 inch strips // 2 = 6 inch strips // 2 = 5 inch strips // 2 = 4 inch strips

Creative Valentine Craft For Home Decor

All right, Dear. I guess its enough right now. I hope you enjoy this article Creative Valentine Craft For Home Decor and thank you for reading. Please Subscribe if you don't want miss the update of information about arts and crafts in our blog.

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