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Easy Kite Crafts For Preschool Activity

Kite Crafts For Preschool Activity

Preschoolers are fascinated about kites. Help them create their very personal kites which are particular, just like them!

Learn to Fly excessive
In case you are seeking out a laugh and personal kit craft for a March, wind or kite unit, then this preschool kite craft is best. Capture a second in time and provide your college students the opportunity for fingers-on mastering approximately kites. Let you and your college students’ imaginations take flight!


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Spring is an exquisite time to fly kites. I found a fun and smooth kite making sample* this is perfect for youngsters (these days youngsters 2 to 9 used those kites!). They embellished their papers first before following those commands to “gather” their kites:


Step 1: accumulate materials (one piece of paper, a ruler, a pencil, some yarn or string, a stapler, and a hollow punch)

Step 2: Fold paper in half

Step 3: along the folded aspect of your paper, degree and mark off at 2 half inches (point A) and at 3 half of inches (point B)

Step 4: Take two corners of your paper and staple them collectively at point A.

Step 5: Punch a hole at factor B

Step 6: Tie a protracted piece of yarn through the hollow you’ve just punched.

Step 7: Just Fly your kids kite on a windy day, the wind will help ease flying the kites.

Step 8: count on plenty and masses of guffaws, “Wows!” and strolling around.

Kite Crafts For Preschool Activity

Those easy kites were so clean to make, or even easier to fly. I’ve never had a kite take to flight so effortlessly or live up for goodbye. Even the two yr old could do it!

*be aware: a person asked wherein I found this kite sample. I absolutely stumbled upon it offline (back within the days after I had preschoolers and swapped ideas with other parents within the network). I recognize this isn’t an original idea, however, we positive had a laugh making it and desired to proportion! Revel in! - Kite Crafts For Preschool Activity

Kite Crafts For Preschool Activity


The youngsters could have a lot a laugh decorating and making their very own paper bag kites – simply in time for spring!

Kite Crafts For Preschool Activity
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Spring is one among my preferred times of the yr. I love that the whole thing is beginning to grow once more after a protracted iciness, plus all of the clean smells, birds chirping, and grass turning inexperienced again. And the breezy spring days are usually best for flying kites!

We’ve had our fair proportion of keep-offered kites, most of that has ended up in a tree or the pond at the back of our house. So I concept it'd be fun to make a few homemade kites this 12 months! And we already had all of the elements in our craft cupboard, which makes this a super ultimate minute undertaking, specifically on those days when the youngsters have spring fever and want something to keep them busy!


  • Paper lunch luggage
  • Yarn or sturdy cord/string
  • Popsicle stick
  • Scissors
  • Streamers
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • The Ornament: stickers, paint, markers, crayons, construction paper, washi tape


  1. Have the youngsters decorate the paper bags the usage of a ramification of elaborations. Stickers and washi tape paintings genuinely properly to feature a few laugh prints and shades! They could also draw designs with markers and crayons or add polka dots and stripes using cleanable paints. Simply make certain the paint is dry earlier than transferring directly to the following step.
  2. Using a pair of scissors, snip a touch hollow on the lowest base of the bag. This can be used for the kite string.
  3. Reduce a chunk of yarn or string about 18-24 inches lengthy. Tie one give up to the center of a popsicle stick and feed the alternative quit through the hollow inside the bag. The popsicle stick will maintain the kite string from pulling out while it’s flying.
  4. Connect streamers to the open end of the bag the use of tape.
  5. Move to fly your kite!

I like how open-ended this assignment is and that it allows the kids to be creative with the aid of selecting unique hues and patterns to beautify their paper bag kites. Plus the supplies are extremely good simple and fairly less expensive, so the children could make a few exceptional kites to fly outdoor. We even tied ours to the tree and watched it fly around in the sky. And its FUN! - Kite Crafts For Preschool Activity

Kite Crafts For Preschool Activity


Can you trust it’s almost Spring? I really like an opportunity to get my Kinder’s outdoor after a cold winter, and this paper bag kite craft is continually a virtually poplar activity. We like to combine this hobby with the ebook ‘Curious George Flies a Kite’.

I love that it’s genuinely cheap to make as well so that you’re not going to blow the finances (if you have one) or spend an excessive amount of-of your personal money on resources. The whole price of materials to make a category set of those changed into much less than $five.

We used stickers to enhance our kites, however, you could simply as without difficulty paint them or draw on them with markers. If you use white bags then oil pastels or brilliant crayons paintings virtually nicely too. I just like the stickers as it’s a first-rate nice motor pastime for them too. You can continually do the first component (stickers at the bag) as the best motor hobby all through center time after which end the kites at a later time.

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Are you able to believe it’s almost Spring? I really like any possibility to get my Kinder’s outside after a chilly winter, and this paper bag kite craft is usually a sisincereoplar activity. We adore to combine this pastime with the ebook ‘Curious George Flies a Kite’.

I like that it’s without a doubt reasonably-priced to make as well, so you’re no longer going to blow the price range (if you have one) or spend an excessive amount of of your own cash on supplies. The full cost of materials to make a class set of those was much less than $5.

We used stickers to decorate our kites, but you may just as easily paint them or draw on them with markers. If you use white luggage then oil pastels or vivid crayons paintings virtually nicely too. I just like the stickers as it’s a brilliant best motor hobby for them too. You could constantly do the first element (stickers on the bag) as a best motor hobby at some point of middle time after which end the kite’s at a later time.


  • Paper lunch baggage (I bough a p.C. Of one hundred for $2)
  • Crepe Paper or streamers in a mixture of colors
  • Craft glue
  • String or wool
  • Sticky Tape
  • Scissors
  • Stickers (or markers or crayons – your desire)

Kite Crafts For Preschool Activity


Instructions for paper bag kite craft

  1. Supply each baby a paper bag and a few stickers to decorate as they see fit.
  2. Reduce the crepe paper or streamers into strips. I propose that an person pre cuts these and has them prepared for each infant.
  3. Glue the crepe paper onto the returned of the kite (at the be a part of of the bag, no longer the open part)
  4. Pre reduce the sting. Don’t make it too lengthy as it will be too tough for the kids to make the kite fly.
  5. Sticky tape the string within the paper bag (near the open stop of the bag)
  6. Permit the children to fly their kite’s! The open part of the bag catches the wind and they fly really properly!

That is a extremely good interest to do before you go out for out of doors play, as the children will LOVE running around with their kite’s and looking the wind lead them to fly! - Kite Crafts For Preschool Activity

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