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Snowflake Crafts For Activity At Home

Snowflake Crafts For Activity At Home

Easy Snowflake Crafts, Activities and Treats That You Will Love

Ways to make a snowflake! When climate turns bloodless and the snow begins to fly, our mind inside the school room and daycare flip to making snowflakes. Paper snowflakes, tissue paper snowflakes, craft stick snowflakes and extra! There are lots of innovative snowflake crafts that you may make no matter what age you are. I’m satisfied to percentage over 25 of my favorites with you today!

I’m sincerely in winter crafting mode! The other day I shared 25 Adorable Snowman Crafts and Activities on your youngsters and these days, we’re that specialize in snowflakes! I’ve rounded up 25 high-quality snowflake crafts, activities, and treats to hold you and your creative kids busy and entertained as you await winter to officially arrive.

Each of the crafts featured inside the pix have a clickable link within the corresponding description. That link will take you to the full educational for each craft, activity or recipe.

Clay and Melted Crayon Snowflakes

via: artycraftykids

Clay and Melted Crayon Snowflakes: Materials

Made of Cornflour (Cornstarch within the US) and Baking Soda, the clay couldn’t be less complicated to make. For extra information approximately the ingredients and technique, test out Happy Hooligans’ publish.

  • Grated Wax Crayons
  • Glitter
  • String
  • Shape Cutter and a Straw (to create threading holes)
  • Baking Paper and Tray
Snowflake Crafts For Activity At Home

Clay and Melted Crayon Snowflakes

Once the clay dough is prepared, grate a small quantity of wax crayon onto a plate and lay the substances out geared up on your cunning youngsters.

Roll the aggregate out onto the reducing board, including a bit baking soda if the aggregate will become sticky. Once rolled, sprinkle the flakes of wax crayon onto the clay and really gently press them into the clay using a rolling pin.

Next, start cutting the shapes out of the clay and region them onto a tray with baking paper. Using a straw, create a single threading hole within every decoration.

Transfer the snowflakes into the oven on the bottom posssible heat to melt the crayons and dry the clay until company. This ought to take approximately an hour.

Allow the snowflakes to chill and observe a skinny layer of PVA glue directly onto the snowflake . Then upload a little twinkle using silver glitter.

Tie a brief piece of string via the hollow and cling your terrifi Homemade Clay and Melted Crayon Snowflake Ornaments. - Snowflake Crafts For Activity At Home


via: theimaginationtree

We desired to make some more for this year because the clay is so fantastic to paintings with and creates the sort of lovable, smooth and bright end! This time I picked up a few adorable snowflake cookie cutters to make exclusive sized, sparkly snowflake adorns.DIY white clay recipe for embellishes

White Clay Recipe:

  • 1 cup bicarbonate of soda (baking SODA in the US)
  • half ofcup corn flour (corn STARCH inside the US)
  • 3/4 cup warm water


Mix all the elements into a pan and warm them through on a moderate heat, stirring often. Soon, it will start to emerge as likea thick sauce, then come far from the facet a little and begin to resemble mashed potatoes. Just after this stage, whilst it looks as if a play dough, flip off the warmth and flip the clay onto a surface or right into a bowl and depart it for a couple of minutes to cool a little (however now not too lengthy or it begins to dry out.)

When it is bearable to the touch, begin to knead it until it turns into smooth and pliable, just like play dough. This need to show up pretty quick.

It is now ready to start rolling and reducing! Don’t go away it for too lengthy as it's miles an evidently air-drying clay and will become a touch crumbly in any other case. White clay ornament recipe

Cakie did this all semi-independently , such as stirring the mixture within the pan (with me retaining a near eye!) She rolled the dough out to about half of – 1 cm thick and then began to cut out various shapes, which includes masses of various sized snowflakes using these snowflakes cutters. Once they were made we transferred them to a baking sheet and made holes inside the pinnacle of every one for threading cord through later on, the use of a straw.

Then we left them in a single day to dry and day after today they had been easy and difficult, equipped for a little glitter glue! We labored collectively to feature dots of silver glitter glue all over the snowflakes and left them to dry once more. Then we threaded every on with elastic and delivered some clear beadsfor additonal sparkle! They at the moment are on our tree and appears so quiet. We will likely make a few greater earlier than Christmas arrives as gifts for our buddies.

Cakie: five.3

This activity is ideal for:

  • creativity: making models in 3-D, sculpting and molding, combining materials
  • technology: knowledge that combining substances can create something new, trade in country of rely from dry too moist to dry again
  • bodily: mixing, stirring, measuring, slicing, rolling, molding, squeezing, threading for exceptional motor strength and development
Snowflake Crafts For Activity At Home

Snowflake Pretzels

Snowflake Crafts For Activity At Home
via: momendeavors

Here’s what you’ll need to make these pretty & tasty holiday treats:

Lay out a sheet of wax paper on a cookie sheet and determine somewhat look you’d like for your snowflakes. Since snowflakes are so unique themselves, your possibilities are nearly endless!

Melt your white chocolate/candy coating according to package directions (I used the microwave). Coat all your long sticks in melted chocolate, then dip in white sugar crystals, lay on the wax paper, connecting in the center as best you can. Repeat with the small pieces.

Put some white chocolate in baggie with tip cut off or pastry bag and pipe some extra chocolate in the center and as needed to help connect the small pieces. Add any additional sprinkles, decorations, etc. (I used silver dragees). I love the sparkly/icy look that the white sugar crystals give (though I think silver or blue might be fun too)! Put in the fridge for a few minute to let harden. Then, carefully peel back wax paper, and enjoy!

True to real snowflakes, none of these will be “perfect”, they will all be unique, and should certainly be quite fun to catch on your tongue! 🙂

Woven Craft Stick Snowflake Ornaments

Snowflake Crafts For Activity At Home
via: happyhooligans

We cherished all the textures we used to make those snowflakes. A kind of uncommon yarn simply adds interest to those snowflakes.

And then there’s the bling… Oh, how we love our bling.

And paint.


When the bling and the paint come out, you understand it’s going to be an excellent craft session.

Let the fun start!


  • craft sticks or stir sticks (we used lengthy ones like those)
  • glue gun
  • paint
  • yarn (fluffy yarn or eyelash yarn when you have it)
  • sequins
  • craft gems


First, I requested the hooligans how many aspects a snowflake has. Some said five and some stated 6.

We googled our question to see who became accurate, and the answer become 6. A snowflake constantly has six sides or “arms”.

So the hooligans counted out three craft sticks for each snowflake they desired to make. Three sticks of route, due to the fact while you criss-go those sticks, you’ll emerge as with 6 palms to beautify.

Next, the hooligans painted their craft sticks in sunglasses of shimmery blue and white.

Oooo. How very wintery!

With a glue gun, we glued the sticks collectively.

Then, the youngsters chose their yarn.

Yarn is always amusing to work with because of the colors and textures, however our yarn these days changed into more-unique. We had smooth, fluffy chenille yarn and fluttery eyelash yarn with silver threads in it.

The hooligans LOVED the fluffy, white yarn high-quality. The sparkly, blue eyelash yarns got here in at a near 2nd.

Each child snipped off a long, lengthy piece of yarn and tied it to the center in their snowflake.

And then they started weaving.

If your children have made a God’s Eye craft earlier than, they’ll locate this method quite similar.

Around and around and around…

You can weave your yarn over and below as you move around your snowflake, or you may wind it all the way round each stick before transferring on to the subsequent stick. (see photograph under)

Leave some spaces in among each round for an airy, delicate looks.

When the weaving changed into complete, we tied off our yarn, and turned to the container of gemstones and jewels.

They’re simply jewels and sequins from the greenback keep however they make any craft special.

So sparkly!

To some of the embellishes we added gemstones,

and to others, we added sequins.

And to other snowflakes, we introduced a chunk of both, however, I don’t have any pics of these because my digicam battery died, and the hooligans took their snowflakes domestic earlier than it turned into charged up again.

Such is lifestyles.

That’s ok. You don’t really want to see them. I recognize you’ll get innovative, and make a fantastic bunch of fluffy, shimmery, woven craft-stick snowflakes of your own. - Snowflake Crafts For Activity At Home

Beautiful Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes for Kids to Make

Snowflake Crafts For Activity At Home
via: cbc

With this clean tutorial, kids can make a flurry of stunning pipe cleanser snowflakes to hang at the Christmas tree or to display in a sunny window this winter.

Let it snow, permit it snow, permit it snow…

To make pipe purifier snowflakes, you’ll want:

  • steel or chenille pipe cleaners
  • plastic beads
  • scissors
  • metal thread for hanging

  1. Step 1: Cutpipe cleaners in half of. Set one of the half aside. You’ll the simplest need 3 to make one six-pointed snowflake. Fold your three pipe cleanser pieces in half of so every one paperwork a 'V'.
  2. Step 2: Link two of the pieces, hooking them collectively at the bottom of the V shapes. The open ends might be dealing with in contrary directions. Give them a twist in which they meet to relaxed them together
  3. Step 3: Insert that twisted phase into the fold of the third pipe cleanser. Secure each arm of this third pipe cleaner by using wrapping every piece underneath or over its neighbour. Fasten tight
  4. Step 4: Now which you have all six fingers of the snowflake in area, you may adjust them barely to ensure they’re all equally spaced. If any of the snowflake’s arms appear unfastened and wiggly, just twist it around its neighbour and modify the spacing again.
  5. Step 5: The fun element. Selecting the beads for your snowflake.

Young children won't be interested in making their snowflake look perfectly symmetrical. They can be happy with a few easy patterning or they may simply want to use random mismatched beads. Older children who need their snowflakes to be symmetrical will want to select units of six matching beads for his or her snowflake.

To make it easier to find matching beads in our large series, we dumped them all out onto a platter.

Let the beading start!

Some of the youngsters chose to string as many beads as they may onto their pipe cleaners, pressing them up near each other. Others selected to area their beads out for a extra delicate looking snowflake.

Have the youngsters depart a bit of pipe cleanser empty on the stop of every arm so it could be crimped to prevent the beads from falling off.

Finish by using tying a loop of metallic thread to every snowflake so it could be hung and loved in a window or on the tree.

Aren’t they lovely? What a a laugh and smooth way to kick off a season of Christmas crafting! - Snowflake Crafts For Activity At Home

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