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The Craft Movie Remake

The Craft Movie Remake

Yes! ’90s Cult Classic ‘The Craft’ Is Getting the Remake Treatment

Came of age within the ’90s? Well, in case you did, you likely watched the cult classic “The Craft” at least 22,532 times, and in some unspecified time in the future headed to the mall in an try to reproduction Neve Campbell’s too-cool goth woman style from the movie.

Well, we are right here with precise information for you enthusiasts of the flick accessible: The 1996 cult traditional is getting the remake treatment, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

A little refresher for those of you too younger to have visible the movie (or for a few reasons were dwelling under a rock while it came out): It starred Fairuza Balk, Neve Campbell, Rachel True, and Robin Tunney, and the plot focused around a group of ladies who dabble in witchcraft (doing matters one might anticipate of a teenage witch like turning boys into zombie slaves).

No word on casting but, however Leigh Janiak the horror movie director who helmed the 2014 movie “The Honeymoon” has signed directly to the project to jot down and direct it.

The Craft Movie Remake

And with that, we go away you with this famous mild as a feather, thick as a board clip from the movie:

New THE CRAFT Movie to be More Sequel than Remake

Yesterday marked the twentieth anniversary of Andrew Fleming's The Craft, and amidst the various fond remembrances of the cult horror film, producer Douglas Wick mentioned Sony's upcoming The Craft movie, revealing that the brand new film is being structured extra as a sequel than a remake.

Speaking with HitFix, Wick pointed out how the brand new Craft film—in an effort to be directed by means of Leigh Janiak—should not necessarily be considered a "remake," because it will take location within the equal world because the unique film and could even reference the activities of the 1996 film:

"I would not say that we wouldn't a lot name it a remake as a '20 years later.' There may be callbacks to the unique movie so that you will see there may be a connection among what passed off inside the days of The Craft, and how those younger women stumble upon this magic many years later."

Wick also touched on how the new film will fairly mirror the original by way of following a set of girls who find out greater about themselves via magic—albeit within the present day:

"Here are some younger girls who over again find out the electricity of magic, and we discover their emotional lives, their desires, their fears, their longings, as they come to be empowered."

It nevertheless stays to be seen whether or not any of the films authentic forged will reprise their roles inside the new film. At this point, it seems like the film's most important consciousness will be on a new set of characters, but it is too early to rule out the return of one or extra individuals of the Manon-worshipping coven.

The release date and casting information for The Craft are unknown at this time. Janiak, who made pretty a splash within the horror pool with her directorial debut, 2014's Honeymoon, is co-writing the screenplay with Phil Graziadei (who additionally co-wrote Honeymoon). Wick, who produced the authentic Craft film, returns to back the brand new mission.

We'll keep Daily Dead readers updated on greater information as they are revealed. In the meantime, what do you need to see in the imminent The Craft film? Do you like the idea of following new characters or might you as an alternative see an instantaneous sequel to Fleming's film? - The Craft Movie Remake

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