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Craft Gawker Reason Why You Should Use It

Craft Gawker Reason Why You Should Use It

About Craftgawker

craftgawker is a curated photo gallery that allows the visible seek and discovery of hand-crafted arts and crafts to encourage your own tasks. We submit pictures submitted by using craft bloggers from around the world. Our editors assessment submissions daily and select the highest excellent, maximum innovative images to showcase.

Hover over image to peer the put up identify.
Click on at the image to open submitter's weblog put up in a new tab.
Hover over the photograph to display the social media sharing alternatives.
Faucet on the magnifying glass or #postnumber to open put up permalink web page to view classes and tags or file an issue.
Suggests the wide variety of times a submit is favorited and gawked/clicked.
Add the publish on your favorites page, if you create a user account. Additionally, organize your favorites through tagging and saving notes to your favored posts.
If you are a craft blogger and would really like to contribute to the site, please study the faqs and start filing!

the gawkerverse is a network of curated, blogger submitted photograph gallery websites. Our websites are committed to showcasing the best...

  • Food & liquids - foodgawker
  • arts & crafts - craftgawker
  • weddings - weddinggawker
  • design & architecture - dwellinggawker
  • style & style - stylegawker

the organization is primarily based in san francisco and includes a small crew of editors, creatives and builders captivated with photography, meals, crafts, style and design.

Using Craftgawker to Build Your Blog

All of the “Gawkerverse” websites are essentially a hyper-polished, labeled, and filtered Pinterest that showcase tutorials and thoughts. That’s wonderful for the individual in search of ideas, and as a blogger, it’s ideal for you as someone peddling thoughts. If you've got a weblog or are planning on beginning a weblog, I quite propose filing snapshots to one of the “Gawkers” — whichever website online most intently aligns with what you are blogging approximately my personal preference is Craftgawker. Through my personal weblog’s tale, I’ll illustrate why.

Many of you probably observed my weblog thru Craftgawker, or Pinterest … thru Craftgawker. There’s a motive for this, and for the ones of you who've blogs of your personality that you would like to get extra visitors directed to, I’d want to commit these days' blog post to the merits of the usage of Craftgawker.

Craftgawker is part of something referred to as “The Gawkerverse”. There are six distinct websites in the “Gawkerverse”:

  • Foodgawker Recipes + Food Inspiration
  • Craftgawker Art + Craft Inspiration
  • Weddinggawker Wedding Inspiration
  • Dwellinggawker House + Home Inspiration
Craft Gawker Reason Why You Should Use It

Stylegawker Fashion Inspiration The Postman's Knockhill of these sites are basically a hyper-polished, categorized, and filtered Pinterest that exhibit tutorials and ideas. That’s exquisite for the person searching for ideas, and as a blogger, it’s ideal for you as someone peddling thoughts. If you've got a weblog or are making plans on beginning a blog, I surprisingly recommend filing images to one of the “Gawkers” — whichever web page maximum carefully aligns with what you are blogging approximately. Through my very own weblog’s tale, I’ll illustrate why.

I began this weblog in September of 2012. At that time, I had an average of 35 perspectives in step with the day. I became vaguely aware of Craftgawker and the Gawkerverse, however, I wasn’t positive how the Gawkerverse worked. In December of 2012, I investigated, in addition, to discover that one has to post blog posts to Craftgawker. Armed with this discovery, I submitted a blog put up about developing a portrait the usage of everyday wax crayons. The submission became authorized, and the next day I befell to test my blog stats — my perspectives had rocketed from 35 to over 1,000! Once I had a publish on Craftgawker, I observed my presence on Pinterest rose exponentially you could test which pins come from your website or blog posts by using journeying  http://www.Pinterest.Com/source/(yoursite.Com)/; effectively, I check my stats at http://www.Pinterest.Com/supply/thepostmansknock.Com/.

Wax Crayon Portrait expanded views helped build my SEO Search Engine Optimization; the extra perspectives you have got, the more significance Google thinks your website consists of. The extra significance Google offers you, the higher your hazard you’ll appear on the primary web page of a Google seek. I found out that posting on Craftgawker changed into an incredible traffic booster, so I persevered to publish frequently. Thanks in the large component to Craftgawker, The Postman’s Knock blog gets a median of 10,000 views according to day … and that variety keeps developing!

Now that I’ve informed you my anecdote, I’d want to share with you ways I, in my view, prepare my weblog posts and pictures for Craftgawker so that you may also do the identical together with your blog. Not all my posts as an instance, this one is destined for Craftgawker; for those who I am planning on submitting, I ensure that I take a photo as a way to look fantastic cropped as a rectangular because the Craftgawker gallery pictures are square. I observe the identical manner that I observe for product pictures: I use a bounce sheet, masses of natural light, and a touch greater help from Photoshop.

Etsy Product Photography matters I love about Craftgawker is their photo comments. It became their rejections, in fact, that advised me into being a higher photographer. Each time a submission is rejected, a person inside the Gawkerverse offers a quick explanation; something like “Photo is just too stupid,” or “Lighting/white balance issues.” It’s positive and objective criticism that helps you to turn out to be a better The Postman's Knock - Craft Gawker Reason Why You Should Use It

As a warning, it could be surprisingly tough to get your images familiar on Craftgawker. Amy at A Nest for All Seasons offers an adorable cheat sheet of “cash shot” picture layouts that give your images an amazing hazard of being commonplace on at least one of the Gawkerverse websites. As Amy explains, your photographs must be mild, shiny, and sharp. I typically use the “Brightness/Contrast” device on Photoshop* to amp up the brightness exponentially; then I use the “Selective Color” device to emphasize whites even more. It additionally doesn’t harm to use a device to growth sharpness and evaluation.

*If you don’t have Photoshop, Gimp or Paint.Net are amazing, loose substitutes.

Basically, what I do is ensure I actually have taken true photos for my blog post; and as a minimum one of these pics will crop properly into a rectangular. After I write my blog put up, I put up it to Craftgawker. In order to try this, you’ll want to install an account: click on the button with the three strains within the top left nook, and choose “Register”. Once you have got registered, click on The Postman's Knock

The submission form presently looks like The Postman's Knock

It is here that you'll upload your photograph and offer you publish link and name. Write an interesting, short description as a way to encourage readers to visit your publish. Next, add key phrases. These will assist humans looking Craftgawker to discover your submission later, whilst they're especially looking for something.

From what I even have gathered, Craftgawker submissions are checked each day besides for Saturday. I like to install submissions on Sundays; I consider Sunday afternoons/Monday mornings are the satisfactory time to be showcased — although this is a private choice. Craftgawker is based totally in California so they may be on Pacific time, and tend to study for submissions in the afternoon among 1:00 and 5:00 PM. If you publish before 1:30 Pacific Time, you need to have an approval or rejection that identical day. If you're rejected, don’t lose heart — as I said, it's miles incredibly hard to have your submission accepted. If you're permitted, congratulations! Get equipped for the spike in traffic perhaps a sizable one! Within the next 24 hours. For more statistics on Craftgawker’s submission criteria, go to their FAQs.

If you have any questions or input, please experience loose to remark! Otherwise, I simply ordered a calligraphy book that I am very excited to check in Wednesday’s blog publish. - Craft Gawker Reason Why You Should Use It

Tips on Getting More of Your Photos Accepted on Craftgawker

Craftgawker is a first-rate craft feature website that can get your blog, extra visitors, however, it could also be irritating as you attempt to get your challenge images typical. I am without a doubt no professional on getting my photographs widely wide-spread, however, I actually have discovered a few things as my pics have gotten well-known or declined (on the whole declined!), so optimistically these recommendations allow you to.

1. Size and quality –
This is a smooth one to repair. Your picture needs to be at the least 500 pixels, and no greater than 500 kb. I will typically preserve the unique nice of the image, however actually resize or crop it to 500 x 500 pixels, and it'll usually be less than 500 kb.

2. Lighting-
Lighting may be very critical. Make sure you're taking your pics with plenty of herbal milds, or use an image field. Never use a flash. If you take a picture of a nonetheless item, do not forget the use of a tripod. You can modify your shutter velocity without getting a blurry effect.

3. White balance-
Make certain the white for your image is surely white, not yellowish, pinkish or bluish. Adjust your digicam settings hence. Sometimes, you could effortlessly modify this in enhancing software program, but try and get it right to your digicam first.

Craft Gawker Reason Why You Should Use It

4. Wide photographs-
Your photo will mechanically be cropped right down to a square for the thumbnail, so make certain that your image can be nicely cropped without cutting off something out of your concern. If it’s too tight of a shot, they won’t accept it. Better yet, crop your photograph into a square first, after which add it.

5. Content-
Even in the case, your image is surely fabulous and best, Craftgawker will nevertheless decline it if you put up isn’t informative or doesn’t incorporate an education of some kind. Make certain your post has exceptional content!

6. Angle-
I have a tendency to take my pix without delay in the front, especially if it’s food or a small craft object. It receives a pleasing bokeh, which I like, but, those pictures will, on the whole, get declined because the photo needs to be a clean shot of the subject. Try to shoot from a better attitude in case you tend to shoot like me. You want a nice, informative representation of your challenge. (This changed into rejected from Foodgawker)

7. Showcase the Subject-
This can be a no-brainer, however, make certain that the subject of your put up is the difficulty of your picture. For instance, in case your post is about an adorable chair you built out of timber, make certain it’s an excellent shot of the chair. If your put up is ready the crackle paint job at the chair, get an excellent shot of the paint process, the chair itself isn’t as critical.

Do you have got another recommendation? - Craft Gawker Reason Why You Should Use It

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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