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Lets Play Craft Survival Exploration Games

Lets Play Craft Survival Exploration Games

Description of Survival Games

Craft Exploration Survival PE is a block game in a 3G open world, which allow you to build everything in a 3D environment.

In this incredible and totally free game, you can destroy all the blocks, collect resources, survive and build very beautiful buildings.

Lets Play Craft Survival Exploration Games

Easily place the building blocks you wish to place and build anything you can imagine.
This game contains a large number of different blocks with which you can mine craft your own world.

  • The very nice texture in high resolution.
  • Very convenient and thoughtful game control.
  • High FPS, without compromise.
  • Great interface.
Lets Play Craft Survival Exploration Games

This game was inspired by Minecraft PE and serves as a free to play alternative.
Any complaints or feedback please email us.

Survival Craft: Exploration is a new excellent sandbox in style to break and build. You appeared in the novel world, new to you, in which there is no end. Investigate all places of this world, create yourself the weapon and armor, construct own shelter to escape from furious predators and the zombie who live in mines and get out on I pull down on arrival of night. Create own farms, graze chickens, sheep, rams, and cows. Collect eggs, milk, and meat to feed themselves. Sit down a crop, but be vigilant - forest predators are ready to attack at any time your cattle!

In the game, there are 3 worlds:

  1. Lock of black force: create the unique weapon and armor, investigate the fortress of the angriest king of Survival Craft and destroy it! It will be difficult to make it, the lock very big! 
  2. European town: become the resident of the old thrown town in depths of Europe. Build own house, develop farmer activity. Feed the cows, they will milk to you! Fence the chickens with a fence that they didn't run away. Get a dog that she protected your cattle from wild predators! But be careful, the village is controlled by ancient wars.
  3. A lodge on a tree: find in the wild woods of the Jungle lodge on a tree! The house is huge and thrown. You can burn it, or lodge in it. Build own room and a reliable door that predators couldn't make the way in your possession. Spend some nights on a tree to safety! 
Lets Play Craft Survival Exploration Games

Features of game:

  • The cattle are added: chickens, cows, horses, rabbits, dogs, cats, mouse, insects!
  • Zombies, forest predators, spiders, snakes, and crocodiles are added
  • The free world is generated in real time.
  • 3 unique subject locations: the European city, the Dark lock and the Lodge on a tree.
  • Weather conditions: rain, snow, cataclysms, change of day and night.
  • The thrown mines, caves, huts and even the ships.
  • It is a lot of types of unique weapon, armor in medieval style. 
  • Mode survival and creative- And there is a lot of all!

Survival Craft: Exploration 2.0.0 APK File

Download last version here (Exploration 2.0.0 APK File)

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